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Where to find the best succulents for sale in Melbourne

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Where to find the best succulents for sale in Melbourne
All Green
All Green
June 25, 2021
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Visit our nursery and discover a range of succulents to grow in Victoria

While you can buy so many different plants online, it can be hard to know exactly what will arrive. Nothing compares to viewing succulents in real life and visualising how your future green space will look.

With the recent spark in interest in indoor plants, you may have felt the pressure to add green to your space. Succulents are perfect as they are hard to kill, even  for those of us without a natural green thumb.

Succulents come in many different types and sizes, with plants that are suitable for indoors or outdoors. When choosing the best succulents to buy, we believe it's best to visit a nursery in person.

Take the guesswork out of choosing the best succulents when you visit All Green Nursery & Garden at Hoppers Crossing. With plants for indoors and outdoors, we have the best succulents for you!

See what thrives locally

pig face succulent

When buying succulents online, it can be hard to know which plants will grow well once they arrive at your home. Visiting a local nursery where the plants propagated locally enables you to see which plants grow well in your local region.

You can see first-hand how the plants grow in the local climate. Temperature, sunlight, soil type and water availability can affect the expression of plants. When you order plants online, they may look different to the image when they arrive.

Choosing succulents from a local nursery means you can see how the plant grows in the local conditions that you have at home.

Visit an indoor plant room

Growing succulents indoors is quite different to establishing a garden outside. Without natural rain and soil, indoor plants in containers or pots need a certain amount of care to ensure they receive the best chance at growing successfully.

A few questions think about when choosing succulents to grow indoors include:

  • Do you like to nurture your plants with careful attention, or do you want to 'set and forget' your indoor garden?
  • How much sunlight does the room get?
  • How much space do you have?
  • Can you hang plants indoors?

Asking these questions when choosing succulents will set you up for success when it comes to keeping your potted plants alive.

Succulents make ideal indoor plants as there are so many different varieties that can colour any room. Whether you choose a succulent like aloevera that features medicinal properties or variety that helps to clean the air, you'll be able to find succulents for your home.

Explore outdoor landscaping displays

While you can start a Pinterest board and plan succulents to plant in an outdoor space using your imagination, there's nothing like visiting a display setting in person.

At our Hoppers Crossing location, we have a dedicated area known as Landscape Avenue. Here you'll find 6m2 plots where landscapers from all over Melbourne have transformed the space using their know-how and skill.

A visit to Landscape avenue is an opportunity to be inspired by expert landscape designs. You'll see right away just how much you can do even in a small space!

If you see an arrangement of succulents and plants that you like, it's easy to replicate it in your own home. The landscapers use only the materials and plants available on-site. Our expert staff will be able to help you locate the supplies to need to recreate the garden.

Choose pots and planters to complement new succulents

Woman transplanting succulents in cement pots

You'll need to consider how to display your new succulents. For indoor succulents, planters and pots contain the soil the plants grow in.

You might get creative with DIY garden decor ideas for your outdoor garden. Use half wine barrels to hold soil for the plants, or put succulents into a garden bed.

Buying your succulents at a nursery means you can choose the planters and pots to display your new plants. That way, you can compare how different coloured pots bring out the foliage of the plant and select garden decor to highlight the plants to best advantage in their new home.

Stock up on garden supplies

Indoor plants require potting mix to provide the soil nutrients that keep them healthy. If you are replanting new succulents into decorative pots and planters, you'll need some potting mix to complete the job.

Visiting a nursery to purchase succulents means you can get everything you need in one visit, including any garden tools, fertiliser, garden edging or other items.

Ask succulent experts for advice

You may have tried to grow potted plants or a garden before, without any luck. At All Green Nursery and Garden, our staff are passionate gardeners and landscapers with loads of experience to share.

Anytime you have a question about caring for plants you already have or which new succulents you should choose, our on-site horticulturalists can share their expertise. With the right advice, you'll be well on the way to a successful indoor or outdoor garden.

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