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Many of our plants are locally grown at our facility.

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We have plants for every part of your home, inside and out.


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Delivery service

Getting your veggie garden supplies home isn't always easy. Small bags of seeds are manageable — but what about soil, tools, delicate herb plants, fertilisers, sprinkler systems, and all the rest?

At All Green, we have a fantastic delivery service. We can deliver an impressive range of herb and vegetable plants from our nursery all over Melbourne, with no minimum or maximum order restrictions. Maybe you're buying vegetable plants for a small raised veggie garden in your terrace house’s yard. Or, perhaps, you're planning on a massive veggie garden to grow all your own food for the foreseeable future. Either way, we can deliver everything you need.

delivery service

Expert advice

Our team has years of experience in gardening and landscaping projects. We don't just love our veggie patches; we're passionate about sharing our knowledge and veggie garden ideas with our customers.

If you want to buy herb or vegetable plants and need advice on things like seeds, sun exposure, fertilisers and drainage — we'd be happy to help. With our know how, we can help you make a vegetable and herb patch worthy of two green thumbs up.

All Green staff members

Locally grown vegetable plants

All Green is a proud, Melbourne based business. Whenever possible, we source our products locally. All of our vegetable plants and herbs are grown locally in our nursery in Melbourne, which is helpful for a number of reasons. It supports great local businesses, it is better for the environment and it means that our plants and seeds are handpicked to thrive in Melbourne's climate. Plus, with suppliers nearby, it's easier for us to stay stocked up.

With our local produce and expertise, we can help you cultivate the perfect veggie and herb garden and grow your own delicious and fresh produce.

locally grown plants at All Green

Frequently asked questions

I don't know anything about starting a vegetable garden! Can you help?

Absolutely! We don't just sell and deliver gardening and landscaping supplies — we also pride ourselves on providing helpful advice to all our customers. 

If you're thinking of starting a veggie or herb garden, contact our qualified team. They can show you how to start a vegetable garden, which vegetable and herb plants to choose and where best to plant them plus everything else to ensure they prosper.

What's the first thing I should do to start a vegetable or herb garden?

The first step in starting a garden for your herbs and vegetables is choosing the location. Growing a successful garden is highly contingent on things like:

  • Soil quality
  • Light
  • Rainfall
  • Temperature

Some common garden vegetable plants like broccoli, asparagus, beets and beans will thrive in the shade. Other plants do much better if exposed to direct sunlight — like sunflowers (the clue is in the name). Many garden vegetable plants and seeds need lots of water to grow (tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce), while many beans are adapted to drought conditions.

All of which is to say that, before you choose what to plant and what to buy, take stock of your surroundings, and plan what is likely to succeed. If you're not sure, our staff will be happy to talk you through the fundamentals and other home vegetable garden ideas.

How much does it cost to start a veggie garden?

In the long run, a veggie garden is much less expensive than ordering equivalent fruits and vegetables from the shops. As to how much it costs to start a veggie garden, that's up to you!

Whether you want to start out with just a few vegetable plants and seeds and a watering can or if you're planning a massive irrigation network, we can help you get started.

Can you deliver to my home?

Yes! If you’re looking to buy herb and vegetable plants, visit us in Hoppers Crossing or Epping. Peruse the aisles for inspiration and have a chat with one of our trained staff or qualified horticulturalists. They’ll help you find everything you need to build and plant out a wonderful edible garden with herb and vegetable plants and when you’re done, simply leave the delivery to us.

Our delivery team can bring you everything you need to start a veggie garden. There's no minimum or maximum on our delivery service — just select which products you need, and we will drop them off for you.

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Talk to our friendly team. They can help you learn everything you need to know about vegetable and herb plants and seeds.

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