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Many of our plants are locally grown at our facility.

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Fertiliser delivery

At All Green, we make it easy to order fertiliser and garden supplies with a reliable Melbourne-wide delivery service. If you live in the Melbourne metropolitan area, we can have them delivered in no time, with no minimum or maximum order size, we can handle any delivery.

We've got two locations in Melbourne and can often offer same-day delivery, subject to availability. Get in touch with our team, and they'll work with you to find a time that best suits your needs.

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Gardening supplies galore

All Green Garden & Nursery has all the garden fertilisers and supplies you need to grow your garden at two convenient Melbourne locations.

Some of our popular garden fertilisers include:

  • Bagged garden soils include premium grade, peat-lite and high moisture, garden compost, mushroom compost, garden lime, greensand and potting mix.
  • Nitrogen fertiliser 
  • Phosphorus fertiliser 
  • Potassium fertiliser
  • Garden mulches – straw, bark mulch, pebble gardens, gravel gardens, coloured mulch
  • Manure

To find out which fertiliser will help boost your plants' growth and productivity, drop by and speak with one of our trained staff.

The experts on garden fertiliser

Some people seem to be born with a green thumb - everything they touch in the garden seems to flourish. Others may need a little help!

Our friendly team of gardening experts and qualified horticulturalists can help you pick out the right fertiliser for your indoor or garden plants and give you tips to make your plant life thrive. We have many years of experience identifying local and exotic plants' growth and productivity problems, from fruit trees to roses, herbs to vegetables, and everything in-between.

All Green team of experts

Frequently asked questions

Why should you fertilise plants?

Australian soil is often very dry and lacking in nutrients, which means that fertiliser will be needed to help foster plant development. Not only does it provide important organic molecules for healthy plant growth but also calcium, magnesium & sulphur - all necessary ingredients your garden needs!

Do echinacea plants like fertiliser?

Echinacea is a perennial favourite that gardeners can grow indoors or outdoors. This garden plant has beautiful flowers and grows well with care, but growing echinacea plants can pose challenges to gardeners who are not familiar with these particular garden plants. One of the common problems gardeners have is what fertiliser to use for this garden plant.

Fertilisers containing nitrogen promote leaf growth and enhance the vibrant colours of echinacea plants, while those containing phosphorus are important for flowering. Choosing a fertiliser with these specialised ingredients will help ensure healthy growth. For more information, speak with one of our trained staff at All Green.

How do you feed plants with fertiliser?

If your garden is looking droopy or dull, there is a good chance that it may need some extra help in the way of fertiliser. Each plant type will have its own nutritional requirements, and every fertiliser should be fed to your plant, according to the instructions.

If you require help to establish the best fertiliser for your indoor plant or garden bed, contact us or drop into our Hoppers Crossing nursery. We have trained staff on hand to help you get to the root of the problem, pick out the best fertiliser and inform you of the correct application for your needs.

With qualified horticulturalists on hand and a huge range of fertilisers for every purpose in stock, we'll soon have your garden bursting with life and vitality!

How often should you fertilise pot plants?

Using garden fertilisers correctly is important for plants because fertilisers are available in many forms, and each has different nutrient mixes. So how often should you use them?

  • Potted garden plants generally only need to be fertilised once a month with garden plant slow-release pellets or granules.
  • When garden plants are flowering or fruiting, they generally need to be fertilised more frequently than just once a month. If your garden plant is not in flower, you shouldn't fertilise it more than once a month with garden plant slow-release pellets or granules.
  • Pot plants should be fertilised before new growth appears. This will help garden plants be healthy and help garden plants grow strongly.

If you want garden plants that are flowering or fruiting, then try fertilising them every two weeks during the period of their growth by applying garden plant liquid feeds or slow-release garden fertilisers.

Find out more about the optimal fuse of garden fertilisers with a visit to All Green, in Melbourne's southwest.

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