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Indoor Plants

Bring the beauty of nature inside with these indoor plants

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Indoor Plants
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Indoor plants

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Why buy pot plants from All Green?

Garden advice


Many of our plants are locally grown at our facility.

Plant range


We have plants for every part of your home, inside and out.


Our onsite horticulturists will help you find the right plant.


Have your plants delivered right to your door.

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Naturalise yourself at All Green

Handy advice from our expert team

Buying an indoor plant is easy. You'll also have to keep that plant alive and do the right things to help it thrive. Our horticultural gurus have decades of experience with indoor plants and can get you the information you need.

You can ask us any question you like about indoor plants. How often they should be watered, where they should go in a room, if they need to be re-potted — anything you need. And, if you have any questions once you get your new plant home, we'll be happy to answer them, too!

All Green Horticulturists

Local products from a local business

Wherever possible, the indoor plants we have for sale are grown in Melbourne. Locally sourced plants are better for the environment and better for our customers. Cutting down on freight means a smaller ecological impact and lets us pass on reduced costs to our customers.

Because our plants are grown locally, we know for a fact that they will thrive in Melbourne's climate. We've seen proof of it ourselves because we're a proud Melbourne business. When you shop with All Green Nursery & Garden, you're looking after your own backyard in more ways than one.

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Comprehensive delivery service

We offer the best delivery service around. No matter how big or small your order is — whether you're buying one or two small indoor plants or an entire ecosystem — we can deliver it to your door.

So you can now buy indoor plants, outdoor plants or anything else from our nursery and get a speedy and reliable delivery service right across Melbourne.

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Frequently asked questions

Where should I put my indoor plant?

The right spot for an indoor plant will vary, depending on the variety. Some plants thrive in direct sunlight, while others prefer shade. Thankfully, our expert team is equipped with comprehensive knowledge about all the plants we sell. They'll be happy to help you find the right plants for your home and give you tips on where they should be placed.

The best place to start is a visit to our Melbourne nursery. There you’ll be greeted with a world of indoor plant inspiration and plenty of staff on hand to help you with any indoor plant questions you might have.

Is there any limit to what you can deliver?

There is no minimum or maximum order size for our deliveries. No matter how big or how small your order is, our dedicated team will drop it off. We can deliver our indoor plants direct from our nursery, Melbourne-wide. If you're on the cusp of Melbourne and aren't sure if we can deliver to you, contact us with your question, and we will get back to you with an answer.

Do you sell pots and watering cans?

We certainly do. As a comprehensive landscaping and gardening store, we sell all the equipment, tools and products you need to help your indoor plants thrive. 

Pop by our Melbourne nursery for some indoor plants, and you’ll find a huge selection of garden, landscaping and building supplies, plus pots to suit all tastes!

Will I need to re-pot my indoor plants?

Different plants grow at different rates. Some indoor plants are unlikely to need repotting. Others will need to be re-potted if they become too top-heavy or if the roots start to push out. You can discuss this with our team, and they'll let you know if and when your plant will need repotting.

My home doesn't get much natural light. Can I still buy an indoor plant?

Absolutely. Some plants will thrive even in the darkest corners. Our team can help you choose a plant to buy that will be happy in your home.

A visit to our indoor plant nursery in Hoppers Crossing is a great place to find inspiration and get to know more about the perfect plants for your indoor spaces. And when you find what you need, we’d be happy to arrange delivery for you anywhere across Melbourne.

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