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Fruit & Citrus Trees
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Locally grown citrus trees

All Green Nursery & Garden has a wide variety of citrus trees for sale, ready for delivery across Melbourne. In order to ensure that your new citrus trees are ripe for the picking, we grow them in a dedicated facility. Here they learn to adapt to local conditions, ready for planting directly into your home garden.

Soil content and various other growing conditions around Victoria tend to vary significantly. If you are unsure of exactly what you need to get the most out of your new citrus trees, drop in and see the team at our Hoppers Crossing nursery in southwest Melbourne.

Our staff are on hand to advise you on the most suitable soils and fertilisers you might need and what steps you need to take to have thriving citrus trees.

Locally grown lemon tree at All Green nursery

Locally grown fruit trees

We are a business based in Melbourne and proudly owned and operated by Melburnians. We propagate and grow our own fruit trees and ship directly to our nursery in Hopper’s Crossing, southwest of the Melbourne CBD. You’ll find all your favourites and maybe even some new varieties of fruit trees for sale, ready for delivery across Melbourne.

Soil and growing conditions vary widely around Melbourne, so it helps to have a bit of expert knowledge before you begin growing. If you need a helping hand, simply call our friendly customer service team or drop in and see us at our Hoppers Crossing fruit tree nursery. We can send you on your way with everything you need to create a veritable orchard of fruit trees.

pomegranate fruit tree

Expert horticulturists

There's nothing worse than a sour apple or an under-ripe lemon. Thankfully, the team at All Green is here to help you get the best out of your garden. Our expert horticulturists have experience growing fruit and citrus trees all over the world, and they know what it takes to get the absolute best out of your Melbourne garden.

All you need to do is visit our dedicated citrus and fruit tree nursery at Hopper Crossing, southwest of the Melbourne CBD. One of our staff members will gladly point you in the direction of an expert. We have fruit and citrus trees for sale of every variety you can imagine in our nursery and all the expert advice you need to help your garden thrive.

expert horticulturists at All Green

Frequently asked questions

What are the best citrus trees to grow in Melbourne?

There are many great kinds of citrus trees you can grow in Melbourne. You should pick varieties that do well in cold winters and will endure hot, dry summers each year. These include:

  • Sweet oranges are a good choice. Citrus fruits tend to move towards a more sour palette in colder climates, so you can offset this by choosing a sweeter variety.
  • Blood orange fruits tend to ripen in mid-winter. You'll have a full harvest ready to put in your favourite cocktails as soon as spring begins.
  • Lemons, although tolerant of heat, can be sensitive to frost. They'll do well in Melbourne if they can get some sun during the day.
  • Cumquats are also commonplace around the suburbs of Melbourne. They are great for making marmalade and other preserves.
  • Finger limes are a classic Australian native. They will do well all over Melbourne, in all kinds of soil content.

Why should I plant citrus trees?

Citrus trees are both aesthetically pleasing to the eye and have a range of practical uses around the home. These subtropical trees bear stunning colours, including orange, yellows, reds, and greens. They can also be used:

  • In the kitchen —  homegrown citrus fruits are fantastic to have in the fruit bowl as a quick snack or to play a flavourful part in other meals, like preserved lemons.
  • In the bathroom — the oils present in the skins of citrus fruits can be extracted and used to give the home a refreshing, summer scent.
  • To clean — lemon juice is an effective but gentle natural cleaner and works well on metals, clothing stains, and mildew.
  • Outside — both lemon and orange oils are great at keeping insects and other pests from attacking your skin outside.

Drop into our Hopper’s Crossing nursery, and you’ll find some great displays showcasing all our fruit trees for sale. Cultivated for the Melbourne climate, our fruits trees are hardy and promise fruit with proper care and maintenance.

I want to plant small citrus trees in my garden. What should I choose?

You shouldn't limit yourself just because you are working in a small space. At All Green Nursery & Garden, we have a range of dwarf citrus trees that will bring colour, life, and fruit to your deck or courtyard. These can usually be grown in pots. Drop in and see our team at Hoppers Crossing to learn more about growing dwarf citrus trees. 

Even smaller trees can be a challenge to transport, so leave the heavy-lifting to us. We have citrus trees of all sizes available in our nursery for delivery anywhere across Melbourne.

Do you deliver citrus trees?

We certainly do! We know that citrus fruit trees can be awkward to cart around, no matter their size. If you'd like to buy citrus trees from our nursery for your home or business around Melbourne, get in touch with our friendly customer service team. They will be able to advise you on costs.

Do you deliver fruit trees?

All Green is the top banana for fruit tree delivery in Melbourne!. If you're looking to have fruit trees delivered to your home or job site, our customer service team would be happy to arrange this for you. We calculate the shipping rates of our fruit and citric trees based on the distance from our nursery to anywhere across Melbourne. Get in touch with our customer service team to find out more.

What are the best fruit trees to grow in Melbourne?

Melbourne has viable soil for a range of fruit plant varieties. However, some fruit trees will prosper better than others due to the climate. Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting your fruit trees from our nursery:

  • Tropical fruits will struggle to gain a foothold in the colder months, and may not survive a cold winter.
  • Deciduous fruit trees — like pears, apples, and stone fruit — are best planted in winter.
  • Evergreen fruit trees (most citrus plants) will prosper when planted in the warm soil of spring.

Some fruit trees require cross-pollination between two different plants to bear fruit. 

Be sure to ask our horticulturists if you need more than one plant in a particular space.

Do you have fruit trees for sale that will suit a small Melbourne garden?

If you're working with a small space, you can still have a bite of the cherry. Dwarf fruit trees are an excellent option for a smaller garden. They have been specifically bred to take up less space while still bearing viable fruit. Have a chat with our in-house horticulturist team for more information about species and how to grow them effectively.

What are some tips for planting fruit trees in Melbourne?

If you've never planted a fruit tree before, now is the best time to get started. We've been planting fruit trees in our nursery in Melbourne’s southwest and reaping the rewards for decades at All Green. To prevent your plans from going pear-shaped, here are some of our best tips for a bountiful harvest year after year.

  • Ensure that all trees are receiving sunlight for the majority of the year.
  • Protect roots against frost by covering with mulch in the winter.
  • When fruiting, collect fruit often to prevent pests and rodents.
  • Water your fruit trees well but avoid watering the tree canopy to prevent fungal infections.

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