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Top 20 landscape design ideas for your backyard

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Top 20 landscape design ideas for your backyard
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March 19, 2020
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Turn your backyard into everyone's favourite space

Your backyard can be the best space  outside of the house, especially over summer. So if yours is in need of a makeover, explore our top 20 ideas on how you could transform your backyard into everyone's favourite setting.

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Read on to discover some fantastic landscape design ideas for your garden.

1. Focal point

A backyard works best with one or more focal points around which everything else flows. This could be anything from a large native tree, to a bird bath or oversized feature pot. Truly, this is one of the best landscape design ideas.

2. Layers and contours

You don’t have to undertake major earthworks to add depth to a backyard using layers and contours. For example, a few sleepers can create exquisite garden edging, or a raised garden bed along a fence or wall.

3. Paving and pebbles

Pavers, pebble beds and gravel are low-maintenance options that create a neat and modern yard, and they can look stunning when used together to create interesting patterns.

4. Turf

Happiness is... lying on the grass and staring at the sky. Even a small patch of lawn can be enough to help you foster a tangible connection with nature, and give children and pets a place to play.


5. Synthetic grass

Modern synthetic grasses are so realistic it’s amazing. They require no mowing, weeding, or pesticides, and perfect for areas of heavy traffic, deep shade, or poor soil.

6. Splash of colour

Sometimes all it takes to make a backyard pop is to add some colour. Turn a dull fence into a bright feature wall or jazz up some old pots or planters with a coat of paint.

7. Water features

Water features add a beautiful, tranquil touch to an outdoor space, and solar-powered options mean you don’t have to hassle with expensive electrical installations.

8. Herb beds

There’s nothing like fresh herbs on hand all year round — and they look fantastic in your garden. Popular choices in backyard beds include chives, dill, mint, oregano, parsley, sage, thyme, coriander and basil.

9. Vertical gardens

Also known as living walls, vertical gardens are a great way to add greenery when space is at a premium and they are increasingly popular in our concreted, urban living spaces.

10. Outdoor rugs

Weatherproof rugs can make outdoor spaces seem more inviting, and help create the feeling of a seamless transition between the inside and out. As far as backyard landscape garden design ideas go, this one is pretty great.

11. Topiary

Many varieties of plants can easily be trained into a shape such as a ball or cone, making an exciting feature in any yard or garden.

12. Decks

Decks don’t have to be big to make a big difference; as little as 3 metres squared is enough to house a table and a few chairs and add a new level of interest to a backyard.

13. Archways

Archways are easy to build or cheap to buy. They can be a feature or a focal point on their own or even better, covered with a flowering climber such as a jasmine.

14. Screening

Use screening plants and feature screens to block out neighbours or to cut back on wind and sun. This privacy can be granted by way of designed materials, or natural grasses, like bamboo

Learn more about all the options for great privacy plants for screening.

screening garden

15. Feature pots

Outdoor pots enable you to put plants where digging isn’t convenient, and they look good, too. Oversized pots in particular are very popular at the moment. Hooley dooley, that is a tremendous backyard landscape garden design idea.

16. Pergolas

Pergolas add a touch of class to any outdoor area and can be tailored to let in as much light as you need. Plants such as wisteria with dramatic hanging flowers add a wow factor.

17. Tree bench

Got a big tree situated right in the middle of your makeover plan? Wrap a tree bench around it and turn it into the central feature of your yard. Now that's one of the best landscape design ideas!

18. Climbers

Climbing plants are useful to cover unattractive walls and fences and can bring flowers, foliage, scent or even fruit to a small yard without taking up space.

19. Arbor and swing set

Add a whimsical touch of quaintness and romance to a small backyard or the forgotten corner of a bigger yard with an arbour and swing set.

20. Dry creek bed

A great way to solve drainage issues, a dry creek bed can look so natural you'd think it had always been part of the landscape. Top it with a little bridge for added effect.

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