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We have a wide range of garden pebbles, rocks and gravel in different sizes, shapes and colours.


We offer a flexible, reliable Melbourne-wide delivery service so you can have your order delivered promptly.


Our team of experts are passionate about gardening and can advise you on the best pebble, stone or rock products for your needs.

Competitive prices

We offer competitive prices on all our products and source locally where possible to keep costs down.

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Naturalise yourself at All Green

Pebble and soil display

At All Green Nursery & Garden, we believe that seeing is believing. We want you to visualise the beauty and functionality of landscaping materials for yourself. You’ll find plenty of inspiration at our garden displays and the best range of rocks, gravel, and garden pebbles in Melbourne on show.

Come on down to All Green at Hoppers Crossing and see just the rich and appealing colours of our locally sourced organic materials. Make a tangible connection with the elements of your next landscaping project. These tactile materials require a close inspection. It’s the best way to ensure you've made the right decision.

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Display gardens

Looking for even more inspiration? We have plenty to get you started if you're at the inception stage of your next landscaping project. Our display gardens at Landscape Avenue will give you a taste of what you can achieve with decorative pebbles, stone, and gravel. Available in a wide range of colours and shapes and ideal for use in driveways, walkways, pond areas and garden beds – there’s no limit to what you can create with these appealing landscaping supplies.

Our friendly staff are on hand to advise you on the right path to take. With years of landscaping experience, they know exactly what products will help your outdoor areas retain timeless style in the years to come. They are looking forward to meeting you, so come and visit us at Hoppers Crossing when you're ready!

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Delivery service

Garden pebbles, garden rocks, and garden gravel make for minimalist pathways. However, they are not minimalist by nature. These materials are heavy, awkward, and a general pain to get around. That's why we offer an unbeatable delivery service of all rocks, gravel and garden pebbles, Melbourne-wide.

We can deliver our full range of products around Melbourne, including pebbles, rocks, and gravel. So whether you are after a small bag of rocks or an entire project's worth of pebbles — we can have it to your home or business in just a few days.

All Green delivery

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Frequently asked questions

How do I decorate my garden with pebbles?

That's entirely up to your personal preference! You can do many amazing things with pebbles:

  • Add visual interest with garden paths that break up areas of grass and pavers
  • Design your own earthy garden beds to protect plant life
  • Edge your garden beds to create clearly defined lines

If you're looking for advice on how to take your garden or landscaping project to the next level, come on down to All Green. At Hoppers Crossing, we have a whole section of display gardens, product displays, and landscaping exhibits for you to discover. Our friendly landscaping experts have years of experience in the field and will be happy to point you in the right direction.

How many landscaping pebbles do I need per square metre?

That all depends on the pebble. All Green stocks a vast range of pebbles in all shapes and sizes, ready to give your garden beds a charming landscaped look.

Sizes and shapes may vary, but here's a general guide to how much material you'll need by weight to cover one square metre of the garden:

  • 50mm thick = approx. 0.05m³
  • 75mm thick = approx. 0.075m³
  • 100mm thick = approx. 0.10m³
  • 150mm thick = approx. 0.15m³

Remember, it's always better to order more than you need to save you coming back. Extra pebbles can be saved and used in other parts of your garden on future landscaping projects.

Where do you source your garden rocks?

We want your garden to have a bit of local flavour. That's why our garden rocks are sourced from all over southern Australia. We source our garden rocks from various local quarries and suppliers and bring only the best into our display centres.

Local sourcing keeps costs down, allowing us to pass the savings on to you. To see our exciting range of landscaping rocks, gravel and decorative pebbles for yourself, come and visit All Green at Hoppers Crossing.

Can you lay artificial grass on gravel?

You certainly can lay artificial grass on top of gravel. In fact, we encourage it! Most synthetic turfs require a solid base or foundation to look and feel their best. We recommend crushed rock for the job, and we have vast amounts of stock available to fulfil any requirement. 

What's most important is that it is solid. Pack down your base with a compactor or hand temp until it is even. Then you can go ahead and lay your turf!

Where does your gravel come from?

Our gravel is sourced from a variety of areas, both local and further abroad. For specific information about where we source particular products, get in touch with our friendly customer service team. They'll be able to answer any questions you have.

We believe in sustainability, and we also source recycled materials, including recycled road base, crushed rock, and rock dust. To learn more about the process of creating these materials, contact us using the form on this page, or give us a call.

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