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6 garden decor ideas you can do yourself

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6 garden decor ideas you can do yourself
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February 2, 2021
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Personalise your garden with thoughtful garden decor

You can make your garden a sanctuary that suits your taste with these DIY garden decor ideas. Choose the ideas that complement your lifestyle to add to your garden for a unique and personal touch.  

If you are looking for garden decor inspiration, visit our display garden at All Green Nursery & Garden to explore our garden decor.  Our friendly staff are available to answer any questions you have about styling your garden.

Whether you are a homeowner, renting, or only have a small balcony as a garden, there is garden decor that you can use to make the space vibrant. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Hanging baskets and pots

hanging baskets garden decor

If you have limited space, you need to create an indoor garden, or you want to bring life to your balcony with a few plants, hanging baskets and pots are a practical option.

Hanging baskets or pots take up less ground space, providing a sense of depth to your home or garden. There is a range of different types to suit different mounting positions, so you'll need to consider how you want to display the plants.

Choose the right pots for your situation — if your hanging plants are outdoors, baskets or pots with drainage holes will help keep the plant roots healthy. Hanging pots can hang from a fence, wall, ceiling, or awning.

Hanging planters may be ceramic, plastic, porcelain, clay or concrete. You can choose the planter that will best suit your style and taste while providing an optimal environment for the plants you want to grow.

If you are renting or don't want to drill holes to hang plants, there are plenty of ways to hang pots that don't require permanent installation.


Wind chimes are a lovely way to experience natural music whenever the breeze blows. Wind chimes can be made from timber or metal tubes on varying lengths of string to create a sound that is pleasant to your ears.

A wind chime is a personal choice, so it's best to select it in person. Hanging wind chimes without drilling is a suitable way to make a rental property feel like home.


Birdbaths are a simple water feature that provides a place for birds to groom and drink in Australia's hot and often dry climate.  For anyone wanting to attract wildlife to their garden, a birdbath is a simple way to increase the amount of fauna in your yard. There are lots of different styles, so there's bound to be a birdbath suitable for your home.

The birds might not find the new water source immediately, but as you observe your garden over time, you'll find that more and more species are attracted to the yard.

Birdbaths provide a place for birds to socialise and meet. Elevated birdbaths, such as pedestal birdbaths, also help to keep birds safe from cats. Stones or rocks placed in the birdbath give smaller birds have somewhere to perch during their daily grooming.

Placing a birdbath near plants can give smaller birds somewhere to perch, enabling them to use the birdbath without fear of being bullied by larger birds. A bathing birds study with 2500 citizen scientists participating, run by Deakin University and Griffith University in 2014, found that doing this helps increase the diversity of birds you will see at the birdbath.

Water features

A water feature adds a sense of peace and serenity to your garden — what is more calming than the sound of running water?

Water features are a stylish addition to both indoor or outdoor gardens. Outdoor water features can be as simple or elaborate as you choose. You might incorporate a garden statue with your water feature to add artistic flair to your yard.

Installing a water feature doesn't have to mean a lot of digging. In fact, in most cases, you won't need a plumber. It's a DIY project! As long as there is access to electricity, you can install a water feature yourself within a couple of hours.

Wine barrels

wine barrel garden decor

A wine barrel has many potential uses for your garden. A wine barrel can form an outdoor table, with shelving installed for storage underneath. When cut in half, a wine barrel can act as a container for plants such as pansies or tomatoes.

This versatile garden feature can evolve from one use to another during its life in your garden, providing a rustic look to an outdoor courtyard or balcony. It might serve as a patio table, a fire pit, or an ice bucket to hold drinks in summer. The options are as limitless as your imagination.

Garden statues and art

A sculpture or statue can bring elegance or kitsch to your garden to suit your personality and taste. You might choose a garden statue or piece of art that holds emotional resonance for you and your family, or perhaps you want garden decor that makes you laugh or smile.

A garden sculpture or outdoor artwork doesn't necessarily require a lot of space. You may choose garden wall decor that hangs on a fence or outside wall, bringing interest to your garden.

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