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Fire pits

Stay warm and cosy with braziers and fire pits for sale in Melbourne

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Fire pits aren't all created equal. Cheaply-made products can degrade quickly, meaning that you'll have to replace them every other year. All Green Nursery & Garden only stocks metal fire pits at the very top of the range. We don't sacrifice quality.

Our fire pits have been tried and tested in our own gardens. They withstand the rain, sun, and cold, and will keep delivering warmth to you and your family year after year. They are aesthetically pleasing, too. We stock outdoor fire pits and braziers that can become a focal point in your backyard — a place to gather, to share, and to enjoy each others' company.

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Garden decor experts

Not sure of what fire pit or brazier to buy for your garden? Need some other tips and tricks? All Green has you covered. Our friendly staff have years of experience in landscaping and gardening, and would be happy to give you some style pointers. They know what it takes to make an amazing garden.

You can also see our fire pits on display, including flat pack fire pits, at our Hoppers Crossing location. When it comes to conceptualising and designing your own outdoor spaces, our display gardens will give you plenty of inspiration. Visit us in-store for expert advice on landscaping and gardening.

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Fire pit delivery

No matter what material they are made from, fire pits can be heavy and awkward to carry around. If you have your eye on a cast iron fire pit, then you're setting yourself up for some back-breaking manual labour just to get it into your backyard. Thankfully, you don't have to go it alone.

All Green delivers metal fire pits all around the Melbourne area. If you're a homeowner with a backyard or courtyard, we can have fire pits delivered right to your doorstep in just a few business days. We'll do all the heavy lifting, allowing you to sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy your newfound warmth. We also deliver firewood, ensuring that you'll have plenty of fuel for the season.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the different kinds of fire pits?

There are several kinds of fire pits and braziers available to choose from. Here are the most popular:

  • Permanent fire pits can be in-ground or above ground, and are often very large and immovable.
  • Portable fire pits are easier to move and clean. They are perfect for smaller yards.
  • Fire bowls can found in some tabletops, and offer a small, contained space for warmth.
  • Braziers are a taller kind of fire pit, usually with gaps around it to allow air and heat to flow freely.
  • Chimeneas are tall, usually terracotta braziers that have been keeping humans warm for thousands of years.
  • Stainless steel fire pits are the best at withstanding weather in all seasons, and will not degrade.
  • Cast iron fire pits are great at retaining heat long after the flames have been extinguished.

How do I keep my fire pit safe?

Braziers and fire pits can pose risks to animals, children, and even adults. To keep your guests and family safe, here are a few fire pit safety tips to follow:

  • Keep the fire pit at least 3 metres from any structure, including fences, sheds, and the home.
  • Ensure that the fire pit is positioned on stable ground to keep it from spilling over.
  • Never use gasoline to ignite a wood fire. Instead, use kindling and paper to control it.
  • Monitor the fire pit while it is lit, and extinguish it if it is unattended for a period of time.

Do not buy a fire pit if you lack space, or if you live in an apartment. It's also advisable to keep smoke and embers to a minimum. You wouldn't want to annoy or disturb your neighbours.

Can fire pits be used for cooking?

They certainly can. Outdoor fire pits make great cooking apparatuses for those interested in cooking with flame and charcoal. Fire pit cooking offers a range of unique benefits to domestic chefs everywhere:

  • Fat from meat drips down to coals and charcoal, creating smoke which cures deeply into the meat.
  • Fire pits and braziers can impart delicious charring and flavours to both meat and vegetables.
  • Low and slow fire pit cooking can make meat much more tender than traditional barbequing.
  • Fire pits and braziers can also act as large ovens, allowing you to create "woodfired" pizzas and other meals.

All you need to convert your fire pit into a bonafide cooking grill is a grill plate that covers the top of the fire pit.

Do you deliver fire pits?

All Green delivers fire pits all over the Greater Melbourne area. From the smaller blocks of the inner city, to the sprawling acreages in the country, if you've got a yard, consider it ready for a fire pit from All Green. We can usually delivery fire pits within a few business days of ordering. Costs will depend on how far away you are from our Hoppers Crossing location. For more information, check out our delivery page.

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