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The best products

At All Green Nursery & Garden, we only stock the best in potting mix and fertiliser. Our products are tried and tested in our own nursery and propagation facility, so you know that they'll work in yours. It doesn't matter what you're growing. If it goes into the ground, we have the food to help it grow strong.

To learn more about potting mix and fertiliser, visit one of our locations. We stand by our soil and potting mix, and our friendly staff members would be happy to recommend specific products to help you get the most out of your garden.

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All Green horticulturists

Sometimes, we all need a little advice. Our onsite horticulturists are your best resource for learning about your garden. They have decades of experience working with gardens around Victoria, and know exactly what it takes to help your plants achieve the strongest growth, the best looking flowers, and the largest possible yields.

Visit our Hoppers Crossing location and talk to one of our experts. They'll ask you a series of questions about your garden goals and recommend a specific course of action. If you have an issue down the line, give us a call. We're always happy to help fellow growers.


Potting mix delivery

You should be putting your back into your garden, not lugging potting mix and fertiliser around Melbourne. All Green offers delivery everywhere around the Greater Melbourne area. When you order with us, you can have your new potting mix and fertiliser in your home or worksite in just a few days.

For more on garden supplies delivery, visit our delivery information page. You can also contact our friendly customer service team to learn more about costs and areas.

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Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between potting mix and fertiliser?

Sometimes these two terms get confused, although they are both essential elements in a home garden or landscaping project. When starting a garden for the first time, it's important to know exactly what you need before you begin.

Potting mix is a compound of several organic materials, including perlite, vermiculite, peat moss, fine bark, and other elements. Potting mixes may contain some kinds of fertiliser, depending on their purpose and organic composition and may help to control the level of moisture in the soil.

Fertilisers are organic or synthetic compounds of highly concentrated minerals and nutrients that plants need for accelerated growth. Natural fertiliser comes in the form of animal waste, while man-made fertiliser feature compounds designed for commercial growing.

The use of potting mixes and fertilises varies wildly between gardens. For more information on the right products to choose for your plants and garden, visit All Green. Our in-house horticulturalists will point you in the right direction.

How do I go about choosing the best garden supplies for my project?

Your potting mix and fertiliser is the ultimate meal and shelter for your garden. The type of potting mix and fertiliser you choose rely on what specific plants and trees you are growing in your garden. Getting it right the first time can save you from replanting later.

When it comes to fertiliser, there are different considerations for all types of plants:

  • Fruit trees, citrus plants, berries, and vines will require specially formulated fertiliser.
  • Australian Natives demand unique organic and inorganic food to foster strong and hardy development.
  • Flowering plants like roses, hibiscus, and bougainvillaea need fertiliser that promotes strong blooming cycles.
  • Native and exotic palms need food promoting healthy root, stem, and leaf growth.

All Green also stocks specialist potting mix for:

  • Cacti and succulents
  • Citrus plants
  • Flowering plants
  • Natives
  • Vegetables and herbs
  • Roses
  • Pot plants

For accurate advice on the right products to use in your garden, visit All Green at Hoppers Crossing.

What happens if I underfeed or overfeed my plants?

Getting the right mixture of fertiliser and potting mix can be tricky. Overfeeding plants can result in:

  • Negatively affecting the pH level of your soil and damaging other plants.
  • Fertiliser burn, where plants can’t absorb any water because they have been overfed with nutrients.
  • Nutrient imbalance affecting the overall growth and health of your plants.
  • Negative environmental impacts, such as the washing away of excess fertiliser.

Underfeeding can result in non-viable plants that risk withering and dying. Weak, undernourished plants lack the constitution to survive outside and can also result in:

  • Pale, thin, or yellow leaves that grow slowly and fall off.
  • Stunted and slow general growth, never reaching full size.
  • Wilted, shrivelled, and unnatural looking flowers and fruit.
  • Poor resistance to bugs, pests, and diseases.

Deficiency is always easier to fix than toxicity, so if you are unsure of how much food to use, go with the less. Better yet, visit All Green. Our expert staff are on hand to help you make the right call for your plants.

Do you deliver fertiliser and potting mix Melbourne-wide?

All Green delivers fertiliser and potting mix all around the Melbourne region. Whether you require a single bag, or enough material to cover a large project, we can organise to have it where you need it in just a few days.

Delivery costs vary from suburb to suburb, so be sure to check out our delivery information for accurate costings. For other questions related to potting mix and fertiliser delivery, contact our customer service team.

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