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Display gardens

Say aloe to our range of succulents at our expansive nursery in Hoppers Crossing. Visit us on-site and discover our display gardens, showcasing the best of our succulent range so you can browse before you buy.

If you need any help while you're checking out our range, ask one of our green thumbs to help you out — we're suckers for all things succulent-related. We can also point you in the right direction for accessories and soils to accompany your desert landscaping project.

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Buy wholesale succulents

We have worked hard to get a diverse range of plants and trees suppliers so we can sell our plants for competitive prices. As a result, we've built strong relationships with leading nurseries, landscapers and builders.

As the foremost succelent seller in Melbourne, we get our stock from local suppliers all over Victoria. This means we can fill requests quickly, and offer bulk buying options for our succulent plant range. If you want to know more about the price of wholesale succulents, get in touch.

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Fast and cost effective delivery

We know you can't wait to install your succulents in your garden beds, so we offer fast delivery at set prices for certain locations across Melbourne. There's no minimum order for nursery items like our succulent range, and we take the utmost care when delivering plants to your doorstep.

We have defined 15 suburbs surrounding our Hoppers Crossing store as the proximity for our set delivery prices. If you're located outside of these suburbs, we will price delivery based on the kilometre distance from our store.

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We grow our partnerships with builders, landscapers, and suppliers.

Learn more about becoming a trade partner of All Green.

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Our newest location in Epping has landscaping, building, and garden supplies.

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Frequently asked questions

Are cacti and succulents the same thing?

Yes, and no. A succulent describe the ability a plant has to hold and maintain moisture in their foliage, which most cacti do. However, cactus is also a classification for a family of plants — and only members of the family Cactaceae can correctly be named cacti.

In short? All cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti. If you're unsure whether the plant you're looking at is a cactus or a different kind of succulent, contact our team! We can easily identify plants for you.

How often should I water succulents?

The wonderful thing about succulents, and what often draws landscapers to them, is that they are drought tolerant. You can ignore them for the whole of summer, and they'll thrive. It's during winter that you'll need to keep a better eye on them.

When you buy one of our succulents, you don't have to worry about whether it will acclimatise to your garden. We source all our plants locally, so they thrive in the Victorian seasons.

What about sun exposure?

Most succulents thrive under bright, direct sun. But, some species prefer partial shade. A sure sign a plant is getting too much sun exposure is when its leaves develop black spots. If you're worried about the placement of your garden, you can always build a cover to act as shade for your plants during the hottest part of Melbourne summer days.

Does All Green offer same day delivery for succulents?

Depending on the order, we can usually accommodate same day deliveries — if you order between Monday and Saturday, before 1 pm. We need to make sure we have your order in stock, first, and check if there are delivery drivers available.

For more accurate information, give us a call, and we can let you know our delivery times and schedule. As part of our nursery range, succulents are always delivered separately to other bulk orders.

Which are the best succulents for my garden?

All succulents are good, in different ways. But some of the more popular species include:

  • The Aloe genus: Native to Madagascar, Africa, and the Middle East, plants from this family are showy and voluptuous. They often sprout beautiful flowers, which is why so many landscapers love them.
  • Carpobrotus: Also know as 'Pigface', this species is native to Australia, mainly growing on the east coast. It produces vibrant, pinkish dasiy-like flowers from mid spring to the end of summer. It's a striking addition to a succulent garden.
  • Kalanchoes: Compact, with scalloped-edge leaves, kalanchoes can grow anywhere. They're a favourite succulent for Melbourne gardeners, especially, as they seem to thrive in cooler climates. They sprout beautiful flowers from June through to September, sometimes even longer.

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