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Many of our plants are locally grown at our facility.

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Control pests with the right products

Pests are always on the lookout for a new home, so it’s important to be vigilant about keeping them out of your home or yard. All Green Garden & Nursery has all kinds of products to help you control pests in your garden.

Using pesticides and insecticides is an effective way to keep your plants healthy, but careful handling and application are essential. We recommend using specialised commercial products designed for your particular plant problem. A visit to All Green will help you establish what pesticide you need and its proper use for optimal effect.

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Expertise you can trust

Each of our team members is qualified and highly experienced in their field. Whether you need assistance finding the right pesticide to control a pest in your indoor plants or help working out what pests are attacking your prized roses, we can help. Visit us in Hoppers Crossing and chat with our friendly team about your pest problem today.

We can let you know how to safely and effectively use a wide range of different garden pesticides. And, while you're at our store, you can visit our display gardens for inspiration. Here, our horticulturists are hard at work bringing modern gardening techniques to life.

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Pesticide and garden supply deliveries

We can deliver garden pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and any additional gardening supplies to your door within days of purchase. For a set price, we’ll deliver your order to any one of the 15 suburbs surrounding our Hoppers Crossing store, so feel free to add some new plant life to your order while you're at it!

If you require delivery of pesticides or any other products outside this area, the price will be based on the distance from our store. All delivery orders are subject to availability. To find out more, check out our delivery information page.

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Frequently asked questions

Where should pesticides for plants be stored?

While often hugely beneficial to your plants, pesticides do require a bit of extra care when using or storing them. As most pesticides are extremely toxic, you should always ensure children and pets are kept well away from where they are stored.

Pesticides should be kept in a secure cabinet in an airy garage or garden shed. Never put pesticides in cabinets with or near food, animal feed, or medical supplies. Keep flammable liquids outside of your living space and far away from any source of heat such as a fireplace, automobile, barbecue grill, or lawnmower.

Can pesticides kill plants?

Pesticides are designed to kill pests, and many are quite poisonous. Due to their toxicity, they can harm or even kill plants with incorrect use.

Phytotoxicity is the term used to describe insecticide plant injury or any other type of chemical plant damage. Pesticides are particularly harmful to herbaceous plants.

Are pesticides for plants bad for the environment?

Pesticides can harm soil, water, grass, and other plants. Pesticides may be harmful to a variety of organisms, including birds, fish, beneficial insects, and non-target plants, as well as insects and weeds. Insecticides are among the most acutely toxic types of pesticides available, followed by herbicides which can also be hazardous to our environment.

All Green are passionate about protecting and caring for all our green spaces and can help guide you through the available options for combating your pest problem with careful consideration of its environmental impact.

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