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5 Best Winter Shrubs to warm up your garden on cold days

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5 Best Winter Shrubs to warm up your garden on cold days
All Green
All Green
May 12, 2021
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Want to make your garden stand out in winter? Add these 5 of the best winter shrubs to your garden.

The cold, dark and grey days of winter are always around the corner! With the arrival of winter, our gardens start becoming cold, lifeless and dull. Why wait until spring to see your gardens blooming with flowers.

Do you wish to keep your landscape blooming? You should certainly think of adding beautiful winter shrubs to your garden. Adding the gorgeous winter beauties will improve the view of your garden and keep your garden looking alive during the cold and grey days until the spring is back.

Need beautiful winter shrubs for your garden? Get in touch with our enthusiastic team at All Green Nursery & Garden right away. We have the best winter shrubs to make your garden beautiful than ever.

The best winter shrubs for your garden

Are you in search of the best winter shrubs for your garden? We've compiled some of the best winter blooming beauties that are perfect for making your winters colourful and better.

1. Banksia


Banksia, a popular Australian shrub, is named after Sir Joseph Banks. He was the first European to collect specimens of this shrub. There are 173 species of Banksia, each having specific soil condition requirements to thrive. The flower heads are typically yellow to red.

Some species of Banksias are listed as threatened or rare. Banksias produce a large amount of nectar, which is a major source of natural food for native wildlife during the winters. It grows to around 3 m tall. Banksias flower through autumn and winter.

2. Silky Eremophila

Silky Eremophila

Silky Eremophila, also called Emu Bush, is a beautiful perennial shrub with purple tubular flowers and silver foliage. The flowering time of this shrub is in spring, summer and winter. Silky Eremophila is a mound-shaped shrub. This shrub requires good native fertiliser to grow. It grows from 0.8m to 2m and needs loamy soil, sandy loam soil, clay loam soil and potting mix. You can even prune this shrub to make it thick and for strengthening.

3. Grevillea


Grevillea is a lovely winter flowering shrub. The flowering time of this shrub is in spring and winter and bears flowers that are of pink, red and cream colour. It becomes an excellent choice for a medium-sized pot and rockery soil bed. It is a small shrub that covers the ground. This shrub grows between 0.3 to 0.4 metres. You can even trim this shrub if needed. This shrub requires less maintenance and is very effective in controlling soil erosion.

4. Hibiscus


Hibiscus are delicate-looking flowers but are indeed very tough. There are two varieties of hibiscus- Evergreen and deciduous. The deciduous varieties of hibiscus can be grown in cool-temperate as well as frosty climates. The showy flowering shrub can be planted at any time of the year. However, it's best to plant the deciduous varieties of shrub during the autumn so that they establish their roots before winter starts. These showy blooms will add a ray of sunshine to your garden during the winters.

5. Azalea


Are you looking for a great punch of colour during cold and dark winters? If so, you can't go past this beautiful winter shrub, Azalea. This gorgeous winter shrub requires regular watering to thrive. You should plant this plant ideally in autumn or early spring. It requires acidic soil with a pH of 5.5 & 6.0. They do best when they receive adequate nutrition. Deciduous varieties of azaleas usually don't require any special care during winters.

Where to buy the winter shrubs for your garden?

Are you looking to buy the best winter shrubs for your garden? Choose the best and leave the rest! We are the experts when it comes to greens. We have a dedicated team on-site who can help you achieve the garden of your dreams.

At All Green Nursery & Garden, we provide a wide range of nursery plants, trees, shrubs and grasses. Apart from greens, we also supply all the essential materials you need for your garden to thrive or for your upcoming gardening project.

Not all shrubs can be grown in all gardens. Every shrub is unique, and its needs vary widely. Need help choosing the winter shrubs for your garden? We can help. Look no further! Contact us right away.

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