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Grevillea shrubs

One of Australia's best shrubs for gardens

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Grevillea shrub delivery

It's often hard to pick up larger orders of plants if you don't have the right vehicle. That's why we offer delivery for locations across Melbourne. We offer delivery for a set price to 15 locations near our Hoppers Crossing nursery.

If you live outside these areas, we price delivery by distance by kilometre. In some cases, we can offer same-day delivery, but to find out whether this is applicable for your order, it's best to get in touch with our team. We'll be able to give you an accurate delivery quote and time estimate. Contact us by phone or email to place your order

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Locally grown grevillea shrubs

Grevilleas are one of Australia's favoured shrubs for gardens around Australia. They vary in colour, size, and shape, and have the capacity to flower all year long. And, because we've partnered with local growers, the grevilleas we sell at our Hoppers Crossing nursery thrive in Melbourne's soil and weather conditions.

We're passionate about supporting local businesses. And, because these growers are located nearby, we save on shipping and freight costs — many we can pass the savings on to you, our customer. It also means we can lower our carbon footprint, a plight closely aligned to our business values.

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Experts on grevillea shrubs

It doesn't matter if you're a hobby gardener or an experienced landscaper, we can help inspire you and find the right grevillea shrub for your project. Our team have helped customers for decades, ever since we first planted roots in 1979.

We have two stores, one in Hoppers Crossing, and one in Epping. Together, our locations span 35,000m². No matter which store you visit, you'll find expert horticulturists to help you buy the perfect grevillea species for your project.

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Frequently asked questions

Which is the best grevillea shrub species to plant?

We love all grevilleas, but there are some species which are easier to grow than others, and some which flower beautifully.

  • Grevillea Apricot Glow: A small shrub with dark green foliage and Apricot flowers in winter and spring.
  • Grevillea Bonnie Prince Charlie: A compact, small shrub with red and yellow flowers. It's a fast establishing native with a low spreading habit.
  • Grevillea Forest Rambler: A spreading shrub with bright, green leaves and pale purple-pink flowers.
  • Grevillea Gin Gin Gem: A great ground cover grevillea with a dense growth habit that will suppress weeds.
  • Grevillea 'Lady O' PBR: A medium spreading shrub showcasing bright red flowers, which can grow throughout all the seasons.
  • Grevillea Mt Tamboritha: This shrub is drought and frost tolerant, and showcases pink spider-like flowers in winter through to spring.
  • Grevillea Red Sunset: This compact, fast-growing native features dense rounded growth and red/orange flowers which attract flowers and insects.
  • Grevillea Robyn Gordon: Thanks to its year-round flowering, this shrub is one of the most popular of the grevilleas.
  • Grevillea rosmarinifolia: Similar to rosemary herb bushes, this dense and bushy shrub grows rosemary-like leaves contrasted by red spidery flowers.
  • Grevillea Winpara Gem: A fast-growing, beautiful upright shrub with grey-green deeply divided leaves.

How long do grevillea shrubs live for?

Many species of grevillea shrubs live for anywhere between 10 to 15 years, and in some few cases — up to 20 years. There are things you can do to extend the life of your shrub, however. With the correct maintenance, pruning, and watering, your plant will be healthy and live past the typical lifespan.

How do I maintain my grevillea so it lives longer?

Grevilleas need well drained soils. You might want to consider planting your shrub in a raised garden bed, or in larger gardens. A few weeks prior to planting your new grevillea shrub, prepare the soil with a combination of well-aged cow manure, blood, and bone. Avoid using fresh manure, as these can be acidic to the plant's roots.

Grevilleas are sensitive to excessive levels of phosphorous, so your shrub will benefit from specialised native fertilisers. If you're unsure which one is the best product for your plant, ask our friendly team. We'll be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

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