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Banksia trees for sale in Melbourne

Gorgeous, vivid banksia bushes and trees that always stun

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Why buy banksia trees from All Green?

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Locally grown

These native favourites are cultivated at our Melbourne nurseries under the care of our seasoned horticulturists.

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Wonderful variety

Our banksia bushes boast a dazzling array of colours, with dark green foliage and pale yellow, orange and red flowers.

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Expert knowledge

Can’t pick between golden girl, little eric, red rover or coastal banksia? Our friendly specialists have the advice you need.

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Easy delivery

Would you like your potted banksia bushes delivered? Just tell us where to meet you!

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Naturalise yourself at All Green

Locally grown Banksia plants

Native to Australia, banksia shrubs are one of the most popular plants for landscapers and hobby gardeners. Usually grown in southwestern Australia or the east coast, they prefer arid conditions. But we have partnered with a range of local cultivators who have propagated species of banksias that will thrive in Melbourne's weather and soil.

Costs of shipping banksias from the southwest can add dramatically to the selling price of these plants. Because we get our banksia plants from local growers, we save money and pass those savings on to you! Saving on freight and shipping means we're also lowering our carbon footprint — which we value as a company.

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Banksia shrub delivery

We offer delivery for all banksia plants at a set price if you reside in one of the 15 suburbs near our Hoppers Crossing nursery in Melbourne. If you live outside these areas, we base our delivery fees on distance by kilometre. If you need to figure out how much your order will cost to be delivered, get in touch with our friendly team. We'll be happy to give you a price estimate.

Every delivery is handled with the utmost care. We also have no limit on how much we will deliver. This is especially helpful if you need a larger supply of Banksia plants from our nursery for a landscaping project or event.

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Expert team of horticulturists

Our All Green nursery team has been helping customers from across Melbourne for decades. We have extensive knowledge of native banksias and other plants and shrubs, which you can view at our Hoppers Crossing nursery.

We have cultivated inspiring display gardens, showcasing how banksias can best be used in a garden setting. Our team can help you work out where to place your Australian native and direct you to the best products to protect adult leaves from pests and fertilisers to keep them strong and healthy.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I best grow my Banksia plant in my garden?

Banksias don't need much maintenance, but to get the best out of your banksias,  you should do the following:

  • Ideally, you’ll be able to plant your banksia in full sun. That means summer and spring are best, but with Melbourne weather, autumn and winter won’t be too bad.
  • Plan your banksia bushes in well-draining soil. If the soil is clay-based or drains poorly, add gypsum and fork the soil to improve drainage.
  • Add mulch around the base, to protect the plant's roots and keep the soil moist.
  • Your small tree will need weekly watering and monthly pruning until it’s fully established.

What kind of pests or diseases can occur in my Banksia plant?

While many native Australian shrubs are quite resilient to diseases and pest infestations, they are not entirely impervious. Keep an eye out for the following:

  • Scale: Sap-sucking bugs that can be easily spotted thanks to their whitish waxy shells. You can often tell if your banksia plant is infested with scale by a steady stream of ants on trunks, stems, and branches, as they are attracted to scale.
  • Psyllids: Another sap-sucking bug, psyllids look like 'pimples' on the leaves of your banksia plants. They cause damage to newly planted banksias but are easily controlled by the right disease-preventative products. Ask our team if you're concerned about psyllids infesting your banksias.
  • Root rot: Most Australian natives are used to sandy soils, which drain well after heavy rain. If you plant your banksia in soil that doesn't drain well, it will likely be affected by root rot. You can tell if your banksia plant is suffering from rot by its yellowing and wilting leaves.

Do you deliver Banksia shrubs in Melbourne?

Yes, we do. Whether you're looking to buy one shrub or many, we can deliver to your home or business in Melbourne. Your order will usually arrive in a few business days, and in some cases, we can organise same-day delivery. If you'd like to find out more about our delivery service, get in touch with our expert team of horticulturists and delivery drivers for more accurate arrival times and quotes. Contact us by phone or email to place your order.

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