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Native correa plants for sale in Melbourne

Enjoy the evergreen, tubular beauty of native correa plants

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Why buy correa shrubs from All Green?

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Locally grown

You can bet that all of our beautiful correa plants are grown in Melbourne by us or our trusted partners.

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Wonderful variety

There are several species of correa plants that you can buy to suit your style.

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Expert knowledge

Our horticulturists are specialists in caring for native Australian plants like correa shrubs.

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Easy delivery

Whether you’ve ordered one correa plant or a dozen, we’ll make sure they’re delivered on time.

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Correa plants are easy to grow

Correa plants prefer temperate and warmer climates, so they’ll grow well in Melbourne’s weather. They’re drought-tolerant and can even survive our cold winters, as long as it doesn’t get too frosty.

However, correa plants dislike humidity, so you’ll need to factor that into your buying decisions. They’re quite unfussy when it comes to soil preference so long as it’s well-draining soil.

Taking all of these factors into consideration, you’ll find that correa plants are extremely low-maintenance.

Correa alba hybrid flowers

Correa is resilient against pests and disease

Fortunately for gardeners, correa plants are highly resistant to pests and diseases. However, these hardy plants can be susceptible to scale, which you can remove using horticultural oils.

We recommend you monitor your soil moisture to prevent root rot. As we’ve said, correa plants do not do well in high humidity and need well-draining soil. Gravelly and sandy soil work well. If they sit in stagnant water, they may get root rot, which can be quite tricky to deal with.

Correa dusky bells

The benefits of growing Australian native correa plants

Correa plants are highly versatile shrubs that can be used in various ways in the garden. Their height and spread make them an excellent fence covering, while their bushy girth makes them great for hedging (with a bit of pruning, of course.) They can also be used as centrepieces so that you can showcase their beautiful blooms.

The best thing about planting native correa plants is all the native wildlife they attract! Birds, bees and other insects will come rushing to sup on the nectar these plants provide, turning your garden into a flourishing ecosystem.

Close up of correa dusky bells

Frequently asked questions

Is a correa a native Australian plant?

Yes, correa plants are endemic to Australia. They’re ubiquitous along the south and east coasts, and are loved by gardeners in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

What is the best species of correa plant to grow in my garden?

Well, since you asked, we’ve got a few favourite correa plant species:

  • White correa (Correa alba): this very hardy plant is shrub-like in size, making it a great correa for ground cover and filling in gaps between other plants.
  • Correa Dusky Bells: growing up to a metre tall, their stunning deep red correa flowers are always a precious sight. Easy to grow and evergreen, they’re a great choice.
  • Correa Ivory Lantern (Correa glabra): the creamy green flowers of this correa species are a favourite for native nectar-drinking birds.

How do I prune my native correa plant?

As with many other plants, it’s good to lightly prune young correa plants to encourage dense growth. After their flowering season, prune back their flowers so they can spend their energy staying strong and healthy.

Do you deliver correa plants to all of Melbourne?

Yes, we do!

We offer set-fee delivery for the 15 suburbs surrounding our Hoppers Crossing nursery. For other locations, we charge by distance (km).

Check out our delivery page for more information.

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