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Expert advice

Some people think watching grass grow is the epitome of boredom — not us! We love all things lawn, including the different varieties, maintenance techniques, fertilisers and more.

Whatever your lawn needs are, we've got the expertise to help. We can assist you with advice about picking a type of lawn, preparing the soil, laying the turf, and the best ways to keep it lush.

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View our display areas

Our stores feature big display areas. We love all our lawn varieties and want our customers to make sure they pick the kind that's right for them. Come on down, and see what makes each strain of grass special.

While you're browsing, our team can talk you through the different types of lawn and explain the subtle differences. Plus, if you have any questions, they'll be happy to provide answers.

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Delivered to your door

Don't have the boot space to carry around an entire backyard's worth of turf? Don't worry about it. We deliver landscaping supplies all over Melbourne, and can drop your order to your home, or your landscaping job.

No order is too big or too small. Whether you just need to do a green strip, or if you're resurfacing an entire football oval, we're ready to help.

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Frequently asked questions

Why do you stock so many different lawn turfs?

Different grasses will thrive in different settings. Some grasses, for example, cope better in the shade — which is quite important if you have a garden that seldom sees direct sunlight. Other turfs are better equipped to endure frequent foot traffic.

Our approach is simple: we talk to our customers about their needs, and help them find the grass that best suits their circumstances.

What lawn turfs do you sell?

We stock several different varieties of lawn turf, all of which will thrive in the Victorian environment.

  • Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo: A hardy turf that will tolerate conditions like frost, drought and heat. Additionally, it can handle being in the shade.
  • Eureka Kikuyu Premium VG: This turf has been specifically grown in Victoria to best suit local conditions. Compared to other grasses, it requires less water and nutrients. It is a particularly aggressive grower, and will need attentive mowing.
  • Tif Tuf Grass: As indicated by the name, this grass is tough. If you've got a high traffic area in your garden — a yard, for example, where children and pets run amok — then this might be the right choice for your family.
  • Sir Grange: A newer lawn on the market, Sir Grange was originally intended for golf courses. It is fairly low maintenance, and has the premium, dark green look that you'd expect from its golfing heritage.

How long does it take to establish new turf?

Laying turf isn't like laying a rug; you can't just pop it down on the ground and leave it at that. For one, you'll need to water the turf (without letting it dry out) for at least a month. A sign that the watering is working is that the turf will become more difficult to pull up from the ground.

Fully establishing your new turf can take up to three quarters of a year. There are several considerations that you'll need to be mindful of. For example:

  • Keep off the grass for at least the first four weeks, as too much traffic on your new turf is liable to damage it.
  • Ensure that the turf has bound to the soil before you attempt your first mow.
  • Use a lawn fertiliser after six weeks.

What is so good about using turf instead of planting grass seed?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both rolling out turf, and planting grass seed. Laying turf is a much quicker process, requires less technical skill and effort, and is a better way of ensuring beautiful, even grass.

Where do you deliver new lawn turf?

We deliver all over the greater Melbourne area, and there's no order of turf too big or too small for our delivery team.

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