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7 bare-root trees to plant all year round

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7 bare-root trees to plant all year round
All Green
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July 13, 2021
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Our favourite bare-root fruit trees and flowering trees

Bare-rooted trees are field-grown plants that have been dug up while dormant (leafless). Unlike potted trees, these already-established trees are sold without pots and soil. This makes them far cheaper to buy and easier to grow.

Since bare-rooted trees are deciduous, we recommended planting them when they're dormant during winter. You can also plant them in the early spring or late autumn while temperatures are still mild. This will give them the best chance of survival once summer arrives.

Once you get your tree home, you should plant it within 24 hours to reduce the risk of its roots drying out.

Here at All Green, we have all the bare-root trees to take your garden to new heights! From fruiting trees to ornamental roses, our specialists can help you pick the perfect plants for your garden.

The two most popular types of bare-root trees

We sell all types of trees as established saplings. But here, we’re going to focus on two:

  1. Bare-root fruit trees
  2. Bare-root ornamental saplings

Choosing which tree to get will depend on your lifestyle, environment, and what you want to harvest.

Our 4 favourite fruiting bare-root trees

Bare-rooted fruit trees produce an array of delicacies, including apples, berries, stone fruits (pears, peaches, plums), citrus fruits (lemons, limes, oranges), persimmons, figs, cherries, pomegranates, grapes, nuts, and more!

If you're a green-eared green thumb, we recommend starting with the following popular bare-root varietals:

1. Lemon trees

Bright lemons on a tree, soaking up the sun.

The classic lemon tree provides gardeners with steady fruit all year round. Bare-root lemon trees come in a variety of species, including Meyer Lemon, Lisbon Lemon, Bush Lemon, and subsequent dwarf varieties. Lemon trees can be used to make lemonade, added to recipes, or enjoyed freshly squeezed in your glass of water!

Plant in spring for best results.

2. Apple trees

Healthy bright red apples on the tree.

A favourite that can be enjoyed straight off the tree, the humble apple is perfect for your backyard or orchard space. There are plenty of apple varieties, with the more popular Granny Smith, Gala, and Fuji offering tasty treats.

Cool climates suit apple trees, and are best planted during winter.

3. Pear trees

A fruit-laden pear tree.

Pears are small, sweet, and juicy fruits. They are great for baking, adding to salads, or eating as is! The best pear varieties for eating include Corella, Nashi (a pear/apple hybrid), and the classic Beurre Bosc.

Full sun and well-drained soil are the best conditions for fertile fruit. Plant pear trees in early spring.

4. Cherry trees

Bright red cherries on the tree.

Cherries make the perfect little treat! Sweet, plump, and juicy, you can easily plant a bare-rooted cherry tree at home for a snack that keeps on giving.

Cherries love a sunny position and do best in soils with a pH of around 6.5. Plant your cherry tree in well-composted soil during autumn and early spring.

Flowering bare-root trees

Ornamental blossom trees make quite the statement. Buy yours bare-rooted today from All Green Nursery and watch your garden grow into full bloom! Here are some of the best flowering bare-root trees to plant for maximum impact:

1. Cherry blossoms

Flowering cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossoms provide a breathtaking display of pink and white blooms during early spring. Cherry blossoms love cooler climates and do particularly well in mountain areas in Australia. However, you can get varieties that can be grown in both warmer and coastal environments.

Planting bare-root cherry blossoms in late winter to spring is the best option for successful growth.

2. Claret Ash

A beautiful Claret Ash tree.

A spectacular deciduous tree that changes foliage from green to a vibrant red. The Claret Ash will instantly make a statement in your front garden or as a border along a path, driveway, or street.

The Claret Ash appreciates being planted in the cooler winter months. It is adaptable to a range of soil types but performs best in well-drained soil and full sun.

3. Japanese maple

Japanese maple

Famous for its beautiful autumn colours (you can find Japanese maple in purples, reds, oranges, and yellows), this deciduous tree creates a striking focal point in any garden. Dwarf Japanese maples are available, too, and are ideal for small courtyards!

Japanese Maples should be planted around autumn, as this allows for their roots to establish while the tree remains dormant. These trees prefer moist but well-drained soil in an area shielded from strong winds or frosts.

Order your new trees today and plant them straight away!

No matter where in Australia you live, the best time to plant bare-root trees is during their dormancy. Once they have arrived, plant them straight away to give them a better opportunity to survive and thrive.

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