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Maple trees

When all the leaves are brown, maple trees steal the show

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Locally grown Maple trees

From our Autumn Blaze trees to Japanese varieties, all our maple trees are sourced from local suppliers. Why is this important? It means the trees have adapted to Melbourne's soil and climate, so when you plant them in your backyard or landscaping project, they'll thrive.

We also believe in supporting our local community. By using Melbourne-based suppliers, we don't need to rely so heavily on freight, so we can effectively reduce our carbon footprint. This also means we can keep our prices low, passing on the savings to our customers.

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Expert team of experienced horticulturists

Our horticulturists have extensive experience working with maple trees, and all our other nursery plants. They can help you out with any questions you have, and give you detailed instructions and advice on how to successfully transplant your maple trees.

They can also recommend other products to enhance your garden or landscaping project. If you need sleepers for your garden beds, mulch and soil, or any other gardening product, they can point you in the right direction. Just visit our Hoppers Crossing nursery or reach out through our online form.

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Maple tree delivery

If you can't make it into our store to pick up your Maple tree, or your order is too large for your vehicle, we can deliver. There is no minimum on orders, and in some cases we can offer same-day delivery services. For a more accurate ETA, get in contact with our team — same-day delivery is subject to availability.

If your site is located within one of the 15 suburbs we've defined near our Hoppers Crossing store, we can deliver to you for a set price. If you're located outside of these areas, we base the costs of delivery on distance by kilometre.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the different Maple varieties?

  • Autumn Blaze: This is a medium to large sized maple tree with traditional maple-shaped leaves. The bark is smooth and dark brown, and the leaves turn red in autumn. Plant this tree in well-drained soil, and water well until the tree is properly established.
  • Sango Kaku: This maple tree is slow-growing but when the leaves fall away, its coral bark provides much-needed colour in winter. It is known for being a tricky plant to grow, but with the right attention and care, it's actually very resilient. Mulch when planting, and water it regularly until it is established (around 12 weeks).
  • Atropurpureum: A smaller maple variety, this tree produces dark purple leaves in spring which turn red in summer and scarlet in autumn. It prefers shade, away from hot sun which can scorch its leaves and strong winds.
  • Seiryu: A type of Japanese maple, this is a medium sized shrub with smaller lime green leaves in summer. The leaves turn gold, pale yellow, and orange in autumn. It grows easily in moist, rich, well-drained soils — ideally in full sun or partial shade.
  • October Glory: This fast-growing maple tree blooms red in late autumn, and sprouts red flowers in spring. It also grows red fruit, which attracts birds and other wildlife. It's tolerant of many soils, but grows best in slightly acidic and moist conditions.

When should I prune my maple tree?

To get the best results, you should prune your tree in late spring, or after the leaves have fully developed. If you prune it in winter, the sap can bleed or run out. You should never prune more than 15 per cent of the maple tree in one year.

What happens if the sap runs on my maple tree?

If your tree does start bleeding sap after you've made a pruning cut, don't worry. The loss of sap doesn't harm the tree — eventually, it will slow and stop. It may be tempting to apply pruning sealer, but this can actually damage the tree. Instead of keeping out infection and disease, pruning sealer can trap moisture and decay in the tree.

Do you deliver maple trees?

Yes, we can deliver maple trees all over Melbourne. If you need your order delivered, our team is more than happy to facilitate the service. We base our prices on the distance between our Hoppers Crossing nursery and your landscaping site or home address. If you'd like a more accurate quote, get in touch with our expert team.

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