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Water plants

Add natural beauty to your water features with aquatic plants

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Naturalise yourself at All Green

Water plant display gardens

If you ever need inspiration for your landscaping project, visit our store in Hoppers Crossing. We have extensive nurseries with beautiful display gardens to showcase how water plants can be used.

While you're there, feel free to chat with one of our friendly team members about our range of water plants, and how to care for them. We've had years of experience helping our clients start and finish their projects.

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High quality delivery service

We deliver water plants to 15 different suburbs across Melbourne at a flat rate. If you live outside of these suburbs, we determine the price of your delivery based on how far away you are located from our store in Hoppers Crossing.

We can potentially offer same day deliveries from Monday to Sunday, if you place an order before 1pm — depending on stock availability and drivers. For more information, contact our team, and we'll be able to give you more accurate delivery times.

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Buy locally grown water plants

We pride ourselves on selling locally sourced plants, wherever possible. Our suppliers are mainly Melbourne-based, so we can restock our products quickly and keep the costs low.

It also means our plants have grown used to the Melbourne climate. They'll thrive in your gardening project, with minimal effort to prepare soil or maintain them. By minimising the distance for freight, we're doing our bit to help the environment, too.

native australian water plants

Frequently asked questions

Will I need to repot my water plants?

Water plants will usually need to be repotted every 2-3 years, depending on how they establish themselves. If your water plant becomes too top-heavy, or the roots begin to push through the bottom of the pot, then you'll need to repot them.

Do I need water plants in my fish pond?

Oxygenating water plants grow with some or all of their foliage below the water's surface. They provide oxygen during the day, when they undergo photosynthesis, and they help condition the water by absorbing things like ammonia, nitrates, and other minerals. This prevents these minerals from building up and becoming toxic to your fish.

Where should I place my water garden or pond?

Water plants in Melbourne will require varying levels of sun exposure. Generally speaking, it's best to place your feature in a partially shaded area, with some exposure to the sun for a few hours of the day. Too much sun, however, encourages the growth of algae.

You'll need to avoid areas where run-off will trickle into your pond or feature, so steer clear of walls near gutters.

What kind of maintenance do water plants need?

If you've established a balanced ecosystem in your water feature, there'll be little maintenance to do. The correct pairing and variation of water plants will eliminate pesky algae problems, and keep the mineral levels in harmony.

Think of it like companion planting in a vegetable garden. If you'd like to know more about which water plants should be paired together, which varieties we sell and how you can establish a healthy ecosystem in your water feature, contact our experienced team. When you're ready to buy water plants, we can tell you everything you need to know.

What kind of water plants do you have in stock?

We have a range of popular, locally grown water plants in stock, including:

  • Cyperus papyrus — 'King Tutt'
  • Myriophyllum papillosum — Water Milfoil
  • Triglochin procera — Water Ribbon
  • Zantedeschia aethiopica — White
  • Dionaea muscipula — Venus flytrap

What kind of water plants should I choose for a pond without fish?

You won't need oxygenating plants for a pond or water feature without fish in it. Instead, you can choose floating decorative plants like water lilies, or water plants classified as emergent or marginal.

Emergent plants are where the plants' roots are submerged, but the foliage protrudes above the water level. Meanwhile, marginal plants don't necessarily have their roots permanently underwater, but grow in muddy water margins.

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