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Artificial grass

Build the garden of your dreams with our range of synthetic grass

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Hoppers Crossing

Our primary location has our nursery, garden, landscaping, and building supplies.

130 Old Geelong Rd

Hoppers Crossing

VIC 3029

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Monday - Saturday: 7 am–5 pm

Sunday: 10 am–3 pm

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Turf showroom

Now you can see your grass before it's on your ground. All Green Nursery & Garden's dedicated turf showroom is the capstone of our Hoppers Crossing location. Our expert landscaping staff are on hand to recommend exactly which type of synthetic turf you need.

We have every single one of our turf products available for you to experience tangibly, both underfoot and in your hand. If you have any questions about our products and accessories, simply ask one of our staff members for assistance. You'll be rolling out your new synthetic turf in no time!

Lawn mower cutting healthy grass

All the accessories

Like laying a real lawn, it takes a bit of know-how to lay synthetic turf around your home and garden. It also requires a little bit of time, some elbow grease, and some specialised tools. All Green has everything you need to lay your new synthetic turf correctly the first time.

If you have pets, we can help you keep your synthetic grass clean with specialised cleaners, rakes, and rollers. We also have a range of anchor pins, adhesives and joining tapes to keep your grass on the ground. If you need it for your new lawn, we have it in-store.

Outdoor area of garden centre

Turf delivery

Synthetic turf can be difficult to manoeuvre, and you will probably require a lot of it, depending on the space you want to cover. If this concerns you, or you have a small car, don't worry — All Green can help you get your products home.

If you live in the greater Melbourne area, our synthetic turf delivery service can have your new products to you in just a few business day. There is no minimum size requirement for your order. Whether it's a single packet of turf pegs, or a whole yard's worth of grass, order with us and we'll have it to you soon.

Large delivery truck

Frequently asked questions

Where can I lay artificial grass?

You can lay artificial turf on basically any flat surface, as long as it is smooth. Before you get started, make sure you have measured the space, and that you have someone on hand to help you with your project.

You can lay your new synthetic turf on the following surfaces, including:

  • Decking, by using adhesives or tape to secure your turf to the wooden slats
  • Concrete, by joining the turf together with tape or adhesives
  • Dirt, by smoothing and raking the surface before laying your new products
  • Gravel, by smoothing and evening the surface with shovels and trowels
  • Between pavers, by cutting the turf to size and shape around obstructions

Can artificial grass be laid on a slope?

Artificial grass can be laid on a slope or incline. This is a good option for many homes, especially for families who do not want to spend extra money on levelling out gradients.

Installing artificial grass on a slope will require something to attach the grass to, to keep it from sliding with gravity. This can timber, stone, cement, or whatever other material you'd like.

How much sand do I need for my synthetic turf?

You'll need between 10 to 15 kilograms of dried sand per square metre of turf.

Synthetic turf needs dried white sand for protection, and green sand for aesthetic appeal. It helps to protect the turf from UV rays, while providing an authentic feel under bare feet. Be sure to spread your sand evenly around the area.

What kind of tools will I need to lay synthetic grass?

Unless you have a perfectly sized backyard, you'll need a few tools to lay your artificial turf. Aside from the turf products themselves, these extra materials will include:

  • Measuring tape for measuring the correct dimensions
  • Spirit level to assess flatness of ground and turf
  • Utility knife to cut your artificial turf to size
  • Hammer to sink turf pegs to required depth
  • Adhesive joining tap to secure sections of turf together
  • Gloves to protect your hands from cutting and grazes
  • Broom to spread sand around your turf and to brush away debris

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