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Shade tolerant grass

Grasses that provide ground covering where the sun don't shine

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Shade grass delivery

If you have a shady spot in your yard or garden, you can get it looking green in no time. All Green Nursery & Garden deliver all kinds of grasses for shade all around Melbourne. Our grasses are grown in Melbourne to suit local conditions, so you can rest assured that they'll thrive.

Our shade grass delivery service can have any amount of product delivered to your home or business within a few business days. Let us take care of all the heavy lifting and get your grasses for shade where they need to be — in their own little shady spot in your garden.

All Green delivery truck

On-site horticulturists

Although shade grasses are hardy, they still need a bit of TLC to get growing. Fortunately, All Green's on-site horticulturists are here to lend a few helping hands. Our horticulturists have years of experience propagating and growing all kinds of grasses for local conditions.

If you're looking for tips and tricks to ensure healthy grass coverage in your shady areas, visit us at Hoppers Crossing. A team member will point you in the right direction of a shady grass expert. They'll give you all the advice you need on planting and products to ensure that your shade grasses grow strongly.

All Green horticulturists

Shade grass display

At All Green, we love watching the grass grow. We believe the best way to experience shade tolerant grasses is to run your hands through it. Our garden displays at Hoppers Crossing allow you to do just that.

Our landscapers and horticulturists are hard at work creating green garden wonderlands to give you inspiration. Visit us in-store to choose your plants and receive expert advice on what to grow, where to grow it, and when to plant.

Liriope Monroe White grass

Frequently asked questions

Can you deliver shade grasses?

We absolutely can. All Green can deliver shade tolerant grasses to addresses all around Melbourne within a few days of ordering. Exact costs for delivery will vary depending on how far away from our Hoppers Crossing you are. For more information on shade grass delivery, visit our dedicated delivery page.

How do I care for shade tolerant grasses?

The beauty of grasses for shade is that they will require very little in the way of care and maintenance. If they are native grasses, they will require very little watering throughout the year, usually just in the warmer months. If they are shade tolerant, they will likely be drought tolerant too.

More exotic grasses will require a bit more care to help them thrive. If you have your heart set on shade grasses from further afield, visit us at All Green in Hoppers Crossing. Our horticulturists will be able to tell you exactly what you need to get the best out of your new shade grasses.

Here are some basic tips for planting and caring for shade grasses:

  • They often grow fast, so space them apart
  • Feed them with fertiliser high in nitrogen and potassium
  • Trim or cut them back before spring to encourage new growth
  • Use mulch in the winter months to help them battle frost and wind

Can I grow shade tolerant grasses in Melbourne?

Shade tolerant ornamental grasses are an excellent option for Melbourne homeowners looking to add a bit of colour to the garden. Melbourne autumns and winters are long, dark, and damp, meaning that gardens can struggle for sunlight. Our advice is to choose grasses that thrive in low light.

What are some popular kinds of shade tolerant grasses?

There are many types of shade tolerant ornamental grasses that will flourish in Melbourne grasses. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Japanese Forest Grass: This thirsty grass does well in partial shade with plenty of water. You can identify it by it's green and yellow foliage.
  • Liriop muscari ‘Emerald Cascade’: If you're looking for a low maintenance shade grass that prefers less moisture, the Emerald Cascade offers an array of bottle green foliage.
  • Ophiopogon 'Mondo grass': This beautiful specimen looks great around pavers. You only need to water once in summer to see strong growth in shadier months.
  • Lomandra confertifolia: If native grasses are your thing, you'll love the look of this grass. It grows slow and prefers drier soils.
  • Chasmanthium latifolium 'Sea Oats': You can identify this grass by its attractive and distinguished seed heads. It also grows up to 1 metre tall, making it a good option for screening.

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