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Ornamental grasses

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Locally grown ornamental grasses

Ornamental grasses are usually fairly low maintenance and easy to grow. But some adapt to certain weather and soil conditions better than others. That's why we have partnered with local growers who have propagated grasses in Melbourne and around Victoria.

You can rest assured, when you buy ornamental grasses from our Hoppers Crossing nursery, they will adapt to the conditions in your backyard with no issues. In addition to supporting local businesses, our partnerships mean we can also save on freight and shipping. We pass these savings directly on to you, our customer.

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Ornamental grasses delivery

There are no limits to how many ornamental grasses you can get delivered to your home or landscaping site. We will deliver to 15 suburbs near our Hoppers Crossing nursery for a set price. Anywhere outside of these areas are priced based on distance by kilometre.

If you're unsure about how much delivery will cost, get in touch with our friendly team. We'll be more than happy to give you a price estimate, and answer any other questions you may have. In some cases, we can organise same-day delivery, depending on whether we have the right ornamental grasses available.

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Experts on ornamental grasses

If you don't know much about ornamental grasses, or even if you're an expert, our team of horticulturists can help answer any questions you may have. We also have stunning display gardens showcasing the very best of our ornamental grasses in various ways. So, you may find inspiration when visiting our nursery.

We can also recommend products to enhance the lifespan and beauty of your ornamental grasses. From fertilisers, to stakes and garden bed sleepers, we can help you find the right items to complete your garden project.

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We grow our partnerships with builders, landscapers, and suppliers.

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Frequently asked questions

Which are the best ornamental grasses to grow in my garden?

There are many species of ornamental grasses which are a great addition to any garden or landscaping projects, but some grow better than others and are easier to maintain. We love the following grasses:

  • Blue Fescue Grass: Blue and silver foliage in a neat tuft up to 20cm tall.
  • Japanese Sedge: Decorative, with glossy leaves and handsome white and green stripes which grow up to 40cm tall.
  • Lomandra: Lime-green foliage which grows up to 40cm tall.
  • Native Tussock Grasses: Native to Australia, it has fine blue-green upright foliage which grows up to 80cm tall.
  • Foxtail Grasses: There are a few different species of this grass, one of which (Pennisetum 'Nafray') has green foliage which grows up to 80cm tall and features creamy plumes.
  • Switch Grass: Varieties of this plant are stiffer and more upright, producing seed heads.
  • Silvergrass: Most varieties offer an autumnal show of foliage colour.
  • Reed Grass: Stiff and upright, these grass varieties stand out for their dark green foliage which grows up to 1 metre tall and feature feathery seed heads which are nearly as tall again.

Do you deliver ornamental grasses in Melbourne?

Yes! We deliver our entire range of ornamental grasses all over Melbourne. Get in touch with our friendly team to find out how much it may cost to get your order delivered to your home or business. We can even facilitate same-day deliveries in some cases, depending on stock availability.

When and how should I cut back ornamental grasses growing in my garden?

You should let your grass stand over winter. In early spring, before the new growth begins, cut the plants down to 10 to 12cm tall. Use garden shears, or a scythe for very large, overgrown stands of grasses.

Why should I choose ornamental grasses for my garden project?

Other than looking good, ornamental grasses have a few uses, including:

  • Covering the ground: Low growing and mid-sized ornamentals are the best alternatives to turf grasses.
  • Veggie patch additions: Add extra pizzazz to your veggie patch with a contrasting grass. It'll help keep the weeds away, too.
  • Soften bricks and pavers: Retaining walls and pavers can feel cold and unwelcoming when left bare — but ornamental grasses can soften the harsh-feeling landscape.

Gardening advice — planting the seeds of knowledge

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