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Australian native lilies for sale in Melbourne

Grow vibrant, delicate lilies for a stunning pop of colour

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Why buy Australian native lily plants from All Green?

Garden advice

Locally grown

Our horticulturists will make sure your native lilies are strong, healthy and well-acclimated.

Garden advice

Wonderful variety

There are over a dozen species of native lily in Australia. We can help you source the perfect one.

Garden advice

Expert knowledge

If you need advice on picking and planting your native lily flowers, our friendly team can help.

Garden advice

Easy delivery

Depending on your location, we can organise a speedy same-day delivery right to your doorstep.

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Create a stunning paradise with All Green’s native gum trees

Pair native lilies with other native plants

Lilies love company! This is excellent news for keen gardeners looking to grow their native collection. Pairing these colourful beauties with other coloured and textured plants will create a stunning garden.

As a thought starter, you might try to complement the upright posture that most native lilies have with low-lying shrubs or ground cover at their base — maybe some ferns, perhaps?

We’d also recommend planting your lilies in groups of 3-4 bulbs. That way, they’ll bloom together in harmony to create a beautiful statement piece in your garden.

White fortnight lily growing in a garden

Australian native lilies are un-fussy angels

Because they’ve evolved to suit Australia’s unique climate, our native lilies are quite low-maintenance. You really don’t have to put in too much effort to get these stunners to bloom!

Native lilies prefer full sun, and you’ll need to keep that in mind when choosing a spot to plant them. They’re also not too picky about soil type as long as it drains well. 

Once their bulbs are planted, they’ll need weekly watering. Remember to water them at their roots, not on their bulbs; if water gets trapped in their folds, it can cause them to rot.

Blue flax lily flowers

We can help you plan your native lily garden

All Green’s have been a native flower specialist in Melbourne since 1979. We have decades of experience sourcing, planting and caring for all manner of native flora, including Australia’s gorgeous lily species. We’re also pretty good at garden arrangements, too!

At our nurseries, you’ll see the stunning garden beds our horticulturists have designed. If you’d like advice on how to set up a section in your garden to grow your native lilies — somewhere special you can really show them off, or where you can easily cut them to create bouquets — come have a chat with our friendly staff.

Australian blue flax lily

Frequently asked questions

How often do lilies need to be watered?

Lilies are thirsty plants and will appreciate a thorough weekly watering. During the hotter Melbourne summer months, you may need to water them every other day if you notice their soil drying out.

How do I prune a lily?

Lilies only bloom once a year; once their season is over, you can prune away the wilting flowers to encourage the lily to use its energy more productively. As for the lily’s leaves, allow them to die completely before pruning so that they can spend as much time photosynthesising as possible.

What kind of garden pests are attracted to lilies?

One of the many benefits of growing Australian native lilies is attracting native insects, creating a healthy, lively oasis for wildlife. Of course, that also means garden pests may be drawn to your garden, too. Your native lilies may attract:

  • Aphids
  • Snails and slugs
  • Millipedes
  • Beetles
  • Mealybugs

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