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Lawn fertilisers

The grass is always greener when you use lawn fertiliser

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Premium products

At All Green, we only stock quality products. We don't just stop at maximising utility — we also go above and beyond to pursue ecological sustainability, and source products locally wherever possible.

So, whether you're in the market for lawn fertilisers, rolls of turf, soils, or any other landscaping supplies, you can rest assured that you'll get a great product from All Green.

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Expert advice

Using fertiliser on your garden is quite common, but many people have never fertilised their lawn before. As with any new landscaping task, the first-timer experiences daunting questions: Is this the right thing to do? What products are right for the job? Am I making mistakes?

The team at All Green is filled with helpful horticultural and landscaping experts. We delight in helping people with their landscaping tasks. If you've got a question about fertilising your lawn, we're ready to help.

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Delivery service

We know that the transportation of equipment and supplies can be one of the biggest hurdles to clear on a landscaping job. That's why All Green provides a simple, effective delivery service.

We deliver to all over the greater Melbourne area. And there's no limitation on order size. Whether it's just a small amount of lawn fertiliser, or enough to cover all of the MCG, we can take the hassle out of delivery.

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I fertilise my lawn?

Less than one in four people fertilise their lawn, and it shows! A hungry lawn is prone to patchy spots, and can become overrun by weeds.

It takes less than fifteen minutes to fertilise the average lawn. After that, you don't need to fertilise again for months. Really, it is one of the simplest, quickest and most affordable things you can do to ensure you have a lush, beautiful green patch.

What happens if I don't fertilise my lawn?

Especially in Australian conditions, lawns can take quite a beating. When a patch of lawn gets lots of foot traffic or activity, it can wear out. If something isn't done quickly, patchy spots can turn into big, bare sections of dirt.

Without maintenance, your back yard can turn into a dust bowl before you know it. Alternately, it can be taken over by unsightly and unpleasant weeds.

Fertilising your lawn is a simple and easy preventative maintenance measure. It will strengthen your grass, and help to keep it in good condition all year long.

Why are there different types of lawn fertiliser?

There are many different varieties of lawn fertiliser. You can find versions that are:

  • optimised for different types of grass
  • intended to be used at different times of the year
  • slow release or fast release

If that has you confused, don't worry. Our team have years of experience with lawns and lawn maintenance, and we can help to find the right lawn fertiliers for you.

Chat with us about your situation, and we will put our expert knowledge to use by lining you up with an optimal product.

How do I apply lawn fertiliser?

There are several different kinds of fertiliser, and they are applied differently to one another. After we pair you with the ideal lawn fertiliser for your specific circumstances, we would be happy to take you through the application process.

Can you deliver my lawn fertiliser?

Absolutely. At All Green, we offer delivery services all across the greater Melbourne area. No job is too big or too small. It doesn't matter to us whether you just need a little bag of lawn fertiliser or a whole truck load; we will ensure that your supplies get where they need to be.

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We have a team of experts standing by to answer your questions.

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