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Jacaranda trees for sale in Melbourne

Is there any flora as iconic as the purple Jacaranda tree?

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Why buy jacaranda trees from All Green?

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Locally grown

All the young and mature jacaranda trees you’ll find at our garden centre were grown in Melbourne.

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Wonderful variety

It’s not just the jacaranda trees we stock — we have a wide range of Australian native plants for you!

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Expert knowledge

With over 40 years of experience, All Green’s horticulturists have an unrivalled depth of knowledge.

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Easy delivery

Need us to deliver your potted jacaranda tree for you? Not a problem — just tell us where to deliver.

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Jacaranda trees are perfect for Melbourne

From New South Wales to Western Australia, jacaranda trees are such a common sight around our nation that they’re thought of as native flora. Though they’ve been cultivated in Australia for over 150 years, jacaranda trees are actually South American. Still, jacarandas are perfectly suited to Melbourne’s climate.

Australian jacaranda trees love the full sun of warm, tropical climates, but mature jacarandas are also capable of surviving sub-zero temperatures in a pinch. As long as their soil drains well, they’re quite capable of adapting to any spot you plant them as long as it’s deep.

Jacaranda mimosifolia flower

Jacaranda trees are a low-maintenance treat

You’d think a fast-growing tree so beautiful would need meticulous maintenance, but jacaranda trees are quite happy to be left alone.

Pest-wise, you can expect the occasional aphids or scale, but there’s little else to worry about.

What you do need to be mindful of is the temperature. Mature jacarandas can survive the cold, but the young ones cannot. And, in hot summers, you may need to water them if there hasn’t been much rain.

Jacaranda mimosifolia purple flowers

Jacarandas are the perfect street tree or feature tree

With their wide branch spread, iconic purple flowers and vibrant green foliage, jacarandas are an excellent shade tree or statement piece. 

Melbourne councils adore them for their ability to shade sidewalks and recreation areas, which is the same reason homeowners buy jacaranda trees for their family backyards.

Jacaranda mimosifolia flowers

Frequently asked questions

How do I prune my jacaranda tree?

Young jacaranda trees need to be pruned regularly to ensure they grow with one strong central shoot. Once the shoot has matured to around three metres, you can leave it to grow as it likes.

Mature jacaranda trees can be tricky to prune because of their height. The good news is that they really shouldn’t be pruned at all, apart from a light edging if necessary. Pruned branches have a habit of regrowing vertically, rather than following the rest of the tree’s horizontal spread. So the less you prune, the better.

Are jacaranda trees native to Australia?

Jacaranda trees did not originate in Australia — they’re actually from South America. But since they’ve been around Australia for over a century, we’d say they’ve earned their citizenship.

Will you deliver my jacaranda tree to my suburb?

We sure will. We send deliveries from our Hoppers Crossing nursery, and offer a set price for deliveries to the surrounding 15 suburbs. Deliveries beyond that will be priced by the kilometres travelled.

Check out our delivery page for more information.

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