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Hoppers Crossing

Our primary location has our nursery, garden, landscaping, and building supplies.

130 Old Geelong Rd

Hoppers Crossing

VIC 3029

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Expert horticulturists

Every member of our All Green team lives and breathes plants. Whether you need help choosing the right hydrangea to buy for your garden or landscaping project, or you want to know which products will help your plant thrive, we can help.

When you visit our nursery in Hoppers Crossing, our onsite horticulturists can discuss the nature of your project with you. We've been helping our customers for decades, ever since we first formed in 1979. There's no gardening project too big or small for our combined expertise.

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Locally grown hydrangeas

Given that the species originates in Asia and America, you'd be forgiven for thinking hydrangeas might not grow well in Melbourne. But, thanks to our local suppliers, we can say this isn't the case at All Greens.

We've formed close partnerships with hydrangea growers all around Melbourne. They have carefully propagated the plants so they become adjusted to Melbourne's unique weather and soil content. And, because our suppliers are so close to home, we can pass the savings from shipping costs straight onto our customers!

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Hydrangea delivery around Melbourne

We want you to save your energy for planting and looking after your garden. That's why we offer delivery services for all plant and tree orders, Melbourne-wide. For a set fee, we deliver to 15 suburbs around our Hoppers Crossing nursery. Outside of this, we base our delivery service fees on distance by kilometre.

For an estimate of how much your hydrangea delivery may cost, get in touch with our friendly team. There is no minimum for plant orders, and we always deliver plants separately to other bulk orders. Contact us by phone or email to place your order.

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Frequently asked questions

Which hydrangeas should I grow in my garden?

Hydrangeas come in all different colours and sizes. Here are some of our favourites:

Mophead hydrangeas: Featuring blue, pink and purple flowers, mopheads are one of the most popular garden shrubs. They're also known as pom-pom hydrangeas, bigleaf, French hydrangeas and sometimes hortensia.

Evergreen hydrangea: Originating from the Himalayas, this variety showcases lush green foliage all year round. It makes a great screening plant for added privacy (and beauty).

Lacecap hydrangea: Cousin to the mophead hydrangea, this plant features delicate flowers which resemble flat caps with frilly edges.

Climbing hydrangea: As you can tell from its name, this hydrangea grows like a vine, producing large clusters of white flowers supported by dark green foliage.

Oakleaf hydrangea: With leaves which turn a brilliant red in autumn, this hydrangea creates great shade in any garden. It produces beautiful spire-like white flowers which last longer than average hydrangeas.

Panicled hydrangea: This is one of the easiest hydrangeas to grow. Its white flowers turn pink as the plant ages, and it blooms in spring and summer.

Endless summer: If you love your hydrangeas and want to see their beautiful flowers all-year-round, this is the plant for you. It blooms non-stop, and colours vary according to the acidity of your soil.

Annabelle hydrangea: This deciduous shrub produces rounded flower clusters that can bloom for up to two months. It works well as a flowering hedge or as a beautiful backdrop for perennials.

How does the acidity level of my soil affect the colour of my hydrangea?

Some varieties of hydrangea can change colour depending on the pH levels of the soil.

  • Pink flowers are achieved in alkaline soils (pH 7-8.5)
  • Blue flowers are produced in acidic soils (pH 4.5-5.5)
  • Pale purple flowers are produced when the soil is acidic to neutral (pH 5.5-7)

How do I take care of my hydrangeas?

Most hydrangea varieties are relatively easy to maintain, but all plants benefit from a little TLC. To get the most of out of your hydrangeas, make sure you:

  • Prune: Always prune your hydrangea shrubs when they have finished flowering. Make sure you don't prune any stems which have not produced flowers yet.
  • Water regularly: Hydrangeas need a deep soaking once or twice a week, particularly in spring and summer.
  • Add mulch: Mulch helps insulate your plants during winter, and will help the soil retain water during summer.

Do you deliver hydrangeas around Melbourne?

We offer high quality delivery services for all our nursery and landscaping products. There is no minimum, and we always ship plants separate to bulk orders. This way, we can ensure your plants arrive in top condition.

In some cases, we can organise your order to get to you within the same day, if you place an order by 1 pm — and we have your items in stock. To find out more, contact the All Green customer service team.

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