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Ground cover grasses

Cover up your ground with ground cover grasses

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Ground cover delivery

If you want to buy ground cover plants, but are at a loss on how to transport them to your garden, there's a solution to your problem. All Green provides an industry-leading delivery service. There's no minimum or maximum order size. No matter what you need to be delivered, we can handle it.

Plus, our delivery teams can cover a lot of ground. We have two locations in Melbourne and deliver all over the metropolitan area. Often, we can offer same-day delivery, but this is contingent on your location and the size of the order. Get in touch with our team, and they'll sort you out with a quote and some potential delivery times.

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Locally grown ground cover plants

We're committed to sustainability. That's one of the reasons why we partner with local businesses to grow our plants. It results in a smaller ecological footprint and is less damaging for the environment. Plus, because our ground cover plants are grown locally, the shipping costs are lower, and we can pass those savings on to our customers.

Our locally grown ground cover plants are more affordable, more environmentally sustainable, and  they've been propagated to adapt to Melbourne's unique soil and climate.

Conostylis grass

The experts on ground cover

Our horticultural experts have decades of experience in all things gardening. Talk to our team about your garden, inform them of your needs, and they'll sort you out with the best and most affordable ground cover grasses and plants in Australia.

Our Hoppers Crossing store has an enormous nursery for your perusal. With bountiful supplies and comprehensive expertise, we've got you covered when it comes to ground cover.

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Frequently asked questions

What are ground cover plants for?

Ground cover plants are an effective, attractive, and low maintenance alternative to lawn for covering ground in the garden. They can serve many different purposes, such as:

  • Covering slopes and inclines: Dealing with exposed dirt in a hard-to-mow area? There are many varieties of ground cover plants that will fill the void.
  • Covering shady areas: Lush lawn won't grow well in all conditions, and struggles in especially shady areas. But that doesn't mean your garden simply has to stop in the shade. Some ground cover plants absolutely thrive in low-light environments.
  • Prevent weeds from taking hold: Don't let weeds run the show in your garden. Instead, plant some dense ground cover plants to block them out.

Which is the best ground cover species to plant?

A number of different factors go into picking a suitable plant. Finding the right ground cover will depend on your garden, the amount of sun it'll get, the soil, your personal aesthetic tastes, the purpose you want it to serve, and so on.

Let us help you find the best ground cover species for your needs. We have large nurseries at our stores, staffed by teams of horticultural enthusiasts who will be thrilled to share their experience with you.

When should I plant ground cover plants?

Be careful when planting ground cover plants near larger trees and shrubs — fast-growing varieties of ground cover plants can seize precious nutrients away from nearby plants. This is especially problematic if you've got new plants in the garden that haven't yet established themselves with healthy roots.

To avert disaster, give your trees and shrubs a head start over your ground cover. Plant the bigger plants first, and then wait for around six months for them to develop their roots before bringing ground cover into the environment.

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