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Grass Tree

Plant yourself a beautiful grass tree that everyone will love

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Naturalise yourself at All Green

See our grass trees at a display centre

You can order our grass trees after just looking at the internet. But for those who want to take a more studious approach, come on down to one of our All Green stores and see the grass trees in person.

Our display centre is full of tremendous plants and products, so you can envision exactly how your garden is going to look. Plus, we also sell all the tools and supplies you'll need to care for your new grass tree, and you can pick them up at the same time.


Expert advice from excellent horticulturists

Keeping any plant alive is not an easy job. Methods of tree care are unique to every plant and only tree care specialists know what a tree needs to thrive. Need expert advice? We are happy to help you.

We have a dedicated team of excellent horticulturists on-site at All Green Nursery & Garden. Our team is highly experienced in this field and provide you with accurate advice. Have any queries? Speak to our friendly team and never get disappointed. We will guide you and advise you on the right way to care for your greens so that they thrive.

All Green horticulturist giving advice to a customer

Speedy delivery service

Sometimes, even a small plant won't fit properly in your vehicle. That's when you need delivery service. Do you want grass trees or other products delivered to your home or landscaping site? We can deliver your products in a short span of time.

At All Green Nursery & Garden, we offer speedy delivery service to your location. We can get your products delivered to your doorstep the very next day. In some cases, same-day delivery is also provided in the surrounding suburbs if we have the stock on hand. There is no order limit for our deliveries. Whether you have a bulk order or just a single product to be delivered, we will do it without any hesitation.

All Green truck delivery

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take for a grass tree to grow?

The grass tree, also known as Xanthorrhoea, is a perfect example of the Australian landscape. Its rough beauty and distinctive look is what attracts many people. Grass tree is a slow-growing plant that ranges from those without visible trunks to tree-like specimens up to 6 metres high. These trees grow from seed and can take 3 to 5 years to develop.

In some studies of some of the taller species, it was found that trunk height increases at about 0.8cm to 6cm per year. However, this varies with local environmental conditions. Grass tree is tough and can withstand drought, thrive in nutrient-poor soils and respond well to bushfire by flowering profusely. Grass trees grow well in full sun and need well-drained soil.

How to care for grass trees?

Grass trees are suitable for any garden, be it commercial or residential. A little care and planning, in the beginning, will help this plant to thrive in your garden. Grass trees dislike root disturbances, so extra care should be taken when choosing its final position and transplanting.

Plant grass trees in a sunny area and select well-drained soil. These trees require minimal water. Contact the excellent horticulturists at All Green Nursery & Garden for expert advice on the correct amount of water required for grass trees to grow well.

Do you deliver grass trees?

At All Green Nursery & Garden, we can deliver all of your nursery, garden, landscaping, and building supplies. If you order between before 1 pm from Monday to Saturday, we can arrange same-day delivery. To know accurate delivery times for your order, contact our team.

We provide fast delivery in surrounding suburbs. Get in touch with us today to know about delivery options for your area.

Is there a minimum or maximum order size for your deliveries?

At All Green Nursery & Garden, we don't have any minimum or maximum order size for deliveries. We can get any amount of products to your home or job site in just a few days.

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