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Find plant pots of all sizes for indoor and outdoor plants.

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Pots of all sizes

Our Hoppers Crossing Garden Centre is your destination for a range of garden pots for indoors and outdoors. You'll find garden pots of all shapes, styles and size that you can use to create the look you want.

Our landscape and garden decor experts are always happy to share their wisdom to help you design your garden according to your taste and style. Plus we have more than just garden pots — if you're looking for half wine barrels, water features or wind chimes, you'll find all of these and more at our garden display centre.

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Garden decor experts

Do you want advice on setting up your dream garden? Share your garden vision with the garden decor experts at All Green and for expert advice on how to bring it to life. Our staff have extensive experience with landscaping and gardening and can help you to choose the items to create the style you desire.

At All Green, we have more than just an expansive range of garden pots. You'll find everything to need to shape your garden and bring it to life. Explore our display gardens for inspiration for outdoor or indoor gardens.

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Garden pot delivery

Garden pots can vary in size and shape, and a larger order may be challenging to fit into your car. Once you've selected the garden pots that you want for your home or garden, All Green can deliver them to suburbs throughout the Greater Melbourne area.

Whether you are ordering a few small items or larger garden decor like fire pits or concrete slabs, when you place an order,  we will have it to you within a few days. You can find out more about specific delivery times and costs on our delivery information page. And if you have any questions about our garden pot delivery service or any other product in our range, our friendly staff are happy to answer your query.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the best pots for outdoor plants?

The best pots to use outdoors will depend on the plants you are planting and your desired style. As a general rule, choosing a garden pot that is one third the height of the plant will allow root development and room to grow. Most plants will grow better in pots with drainage holes that prevent overwatering, keeping the root systems healthy.

Large plants may benefit from heavier pots that won't get blown over in the wind. Concrete plant pots are heavy and provide insulation. However, they are harder to move once in place. Other options to consider include wood, clay or plastic. Each has advantages and disadvantages, so if you are unsure, you can ask advice from a horticulturalist at All Green.

Are clay pots better than plastic pots?

There are advantages to both clay pots and plastic pots, so it depends on where you'll use the garden pot and the look that you want to create.

Clay pots are porous, allowing moisture and air to penetrate the roots of the plant. The neutral colour blends in well with most foliage and blooms, and the thick walls of a clay pot protect the plant from sudden temperature changes. Clay pots are more suitable for established plants as the clay acts as a wick to remove excess moisture from the soil, which could hinder the germination of seeds or growth of moisture-loving plants.

Plastic pots are lightweight, strong and flexible, making them suitable for indoor use. Choosing plant pots made from inert, recycled material minimises environmental impact. However, plastic pots used outdoors may fade and become brittle if exposed to direct sunlight. If you aren't sure which type of garden pot is going to be best, ask one of the All Green experts at our nursery or garden display centre for a recommendation.

Why use plant pots instead of planting in the ground?

If you are renting and still want to cultivate a garden, potting plants enables you to take the plants with you when you move. Likewise, using garden pots or hanging pots for indoor use means you can bring nature indoors by containing the soil and plant neatly within a garden pot.

Do you deliver garden pots?

All Green can deliver garden pots and other garden decor items throughout the Greater Melbourne region. If you've ordered plants in the same order as your garden supplies, the plants will arrive separately.

You also have the option to order ahead and pick up your garden pots and supplies during business hours from our locations.

To learn more about our delivery services, check out our delivery information page. And if you have any other questions about delivery to your location, our friendly customer service team are happy to help.

Gardening advice — planting the seeds of knowledge

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