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Soak, drip or spray irrigation

Getting the right amount of water to the right parts of your garden can determine whether your plants grow successfully or not. With the right irrigation system in place, you can ensure that plants receive the optimal amount of water they need to thrive.

Irrigating your garden means that you can go away without worrying that your plants will dry out. All Green Nursery & Garden has a range of garden irrigation systems for all purposes, including drip, spray and automated watering systems.

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Expert irrigation advice

Need advice on creating watering zones in your garden or unsure which irrigation system is best? All Green's experienced horticulturalists can advise you about which plants require similar amounts of water, and which irrigation systems are best.

Whether you need to irrigate a large or small garden, you'll find all the supplies you need at All Green. Visit us in-store to see the irrigation systems used in our display garden and ask our friendly team for advice on efficiently watering your garden.

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Garden irrigation delivery

A garden irrigation system might be bulky and awkward to transport. If you can't fit it into your car, it's easy to have the irrigation system delivered right to your home. All Green delivers our products and plants all over the greater Melbourne region.

When you place your order with us, our team will deliver it promptly, within a few business days. All you need to do is prepare your garden for installation. We also deliver landscaping supplies, plants, potting mix and everything else you might need to create your ideal garden.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the best garden irrigation system?

The best garden irrigation system will depend on the water restrictions that apply to your council area, as well as the type of garden you have.

Drip irrigation systems are suitable for use during drought under most council regulations. Drip systems reduce evaporation of water, delivering moisture directly to the roots of the plant. By specifically watering the plants you want to grow, any surrounding weeds will dry out. This irrigation method keeps the foliage dry, which can help to reduce disease problems.

When water is not restricted, sprinkler or spray irrigation systems can effectively distribute water to lawns, vegetable gardens, and ornamental gardens. Spray or sprinkler systems can be divided into zones to water a large area.

How do you irrigate a garden?

To irrigate your garden, you'll need to know the flow rate of the water supply.

Use a 10L bucket and time how long it takes to fill with the tap turned on full. Once you have the flow rate in litres per hour, you can divide your garden into watering zones. Each watering zone will contain plants that require a similar amount of water.

Choosing irrigation pipes with the appropriate drip rate, you can ensure that each garden zone receives the correct amount of water. The total amount of water used must be less than the flow rate of your water supply.

For young plants that grow quite big, like trees, choose a watering system that you can extend as the plant grows to full size.

What are the types of garden irrigation?

Three common types of garden irrigation include:

Soaker hose irrigation consists of a porous hose and delivers water steadily to plants in the immediate vicinity. It's easy to install and delivers water reliably at ground level. Soaker hose irrigation is ideal for small gardens at ground level.

Drip irrigation is a more complex watering system that delivers water directly to the root systems of plants. These irrigation systems can operate on a timer, providing water to plants overnight, when it is least likely to evaporate.

Drip irrigation works well for bigger gardens, such as vegetable gardens, where plants are in long straight rows.

Sprinkler irrigation systems spray water through the air, mimicking the effect of rain. Sprinkler systems can be temporary or permanent fixtures.

How much does it cost to install an irrigation system?

The cost of an irrigation system and installation will depend on the type of watering system you choose and the area size that needs irrigation.

You can install an irrigation system yourself, or have a landscaper or gardener install it for you.

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