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Fountain grass

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Naturalise yourself at All Green

Fountain grass delivered directly to you

It's all well and good to have warehouses full of experts and quality plants, but it isn't much use if you can't actually transport gardening and landscaping supplies to where they need to be. That's why we've assembled a great delivery team, and offer our customers a matchless delivery service.

We deliver all over the Melbourne metropolitan area. Often, we can facilitate same-day delivery (although this depends on distance, as well as driver availability). Plus, there's no minimum or maximum amount that we can deliver. Whether you're after a single fountain grass plant, or enough to cover your entire property, we can deliver the goods.

All Green delivery truck

Locally grown fountain grasses

Plants that have been propagated and grown in our local climate have an easier time acclimatising to Melbourne's unique conditions. That's one of the reasons we've partnered with local businesses to provide our grasses and plants.

Additionally, we've found that our local-first approach is better economically and environmentally. Freight costs are lower, which reduces our ecological impact and allows us to pass on cheaper prices to our customers.

purple fountain grass

Your fountain grass experts

At All Green, we work with a flourishing team of plant lovers. If you have any questions or concerns about fountain grass — or, indeed, about any of the plants, grasses, and products that we have in store — our friendly team of experts will be happy to give you their time.

And with enormous display gardens in our Hoppers Crossing store, you'll be able to see our beautiful fountain grasses before making your decision to purchase.

All Green employee helping a customer

Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose fountain grasses?

Given the name, you might think that fountain grasses need a steady flow of water, but nothing could be further from the truth. Fountain grasses are naturally found in hot, arid climates, and are notably drought resistant. And, unlike many plants from low-water environments, fountain grasses are bright and colourful.

Choose fountain grasses if you're after a cost-effective, low-maintenance plant that looks great.

Do you deliver fountain grass in Melbourne?

We certainly do. If you're located near our Hoppers Crossing nursery, we can usually offer free delivery. If you're further out, then we can organise a delivery service that is priced on distance travelled by kilometre.

There's no minimum or maximum order size, and we can often provide same-day delivery. Just contact our friendly delivery team, and they will be able to provide more information about what is possible for your circumstances.

Do you need to cut back fountain grass?

To keep your fountain grass healthy and looking its best, its a good idea to trim it back from time to time. Trim it in the early spring or late winter — either way, the important thing is that the fountain grass has been pruned back before it starts growing again.

Is fountain grass invasive?

Fountain grass is easy to take care of. In fact, it can sometimes spread where it isn't wanted. In some parts of the world, like South Africa, fountain grass is listed as an invasive species. Keep an eye on your fountain grass, and be prepared to cut it back if it starts growing beyond your intentions.

What are the features of fountain grass?

Fountain grass, AKA Cenchrus setaceus, is a perennial bunch grass. It is originally from places like Africa, southwest Asia, and the Middle East, but it is now found right across the world. It is an ornamental, fast-growing plant that resists drought and can be identified by its eye-catching purple flower spikes.

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At All Green, our team of horticultural experts will be happy to help with any questions you may have.

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