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Exotic shrubs

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Naturalise yourself at All Green

Locally grown exotic shrubs for sale

If you're new to gardening, you might think growing exotic shrubs in your garden is impossible. But at All Green, we've partnered with suppliers who have been growing and propagating exotic shrubs in Victoria. This means our range of non-native shrubs and bushes are already acclimatised to local soil and weather conditions.

And, because we don't have to pay expensive shipping and freight fees, we can sell the exotic shrubs in our nursery at a reduced price for our customers. It also means we can lower our carbon footprint, while celebrating and supporting local horticultural businesses.

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Exotic shrub delivery

We understand it can be hard to transport larger plants, like shrubs — especially if you're ordering a few of them! That's why we offer quality delivery services across Melbourne. If you live in one of the 15 suburbs we've defined near our Hoppers Crossing nursery, we can deliver your order for a set fee.

If you live outside of these suburbs, we'll base the costs on distance by kilometre. In some instances, we can even facilitate same day delivery — provided you place an order before 1 pm, and we have the stock available. If you have any questions, or want a more accurate delivery ETA, get in touch with our team.

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Expert exotic shrub horticulturists

Whether you've only just found out about exotic shrubs, or you're a long-term fan, our horticulturists can help you find the perfect addition to your gardening project.

When you visit our nursery in Hoppers Crossing, there'll be a team of experienced All Green team members to answer any questions you have. We can show you through our inspiring display gardens, or locate garden accessories like stakes and sleepers.

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We grow our partnerships with builders, landscapers, and suppliers.

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Frequently asked questions

Which are the best exotic shrubs to add to my garden?

At All Green, we stock a wide variety of exotic shrubs. But, if you want beautiful and low maintenance plants, there are our favourites:

  • Acalypha: There are over 400 species of this genus, ranging from ground cover plants to larger shrubs. It is known for its coloured foliage which ranges from yellows and greens to reddish purple, copper, and dark green.
  • Allamanda: With large trumpet-shaped flowers and trailing woody canes, this shrub is often mistaken for a climbing plant. It needs full sun, and well drained soil.
  • Azalea: Well-known for their vibrant flowers, azalea shrubs love acidic soil. They're not the easiest plant to maintain, but it rewards you with vibrant flowers and a sweet perfume.
  • Gardenia: This evergreen shrub blossoms with creamy white flowers in the warmer months. It grows best in partial shade, and slightly acidic soil.
  • Geranium: Also known as pelargonium or storksbill, this shrub needs well drained soil, and six to eight hours of sunlight. It's an easy plant to maintain — it needs a good watering once a week, and the occasional fertilising.
  • Hibiscus: Available in a wide variety of colours, hibiscus shrubs bloom almost all season — as long as they have access to sun. They're easy to grow, and require minimal maintenance.
  • Crepe myrtle: This deciduous shrub blooms with ruffled flowers in white, pink, mauve, lavender and red during summer. For best results, it should be placed in full sun, and needs regular watering.
  • New Zealand Christmas bush: A hardy shrub with dark green leaves and small, bright red flowers, this plant attracts bees and butterflies — increasing the biodiversity of any garden. Plant in full sun or partial shade, and water once a week.
  • Oleander: Oleander shrubs are one of the most versatile plants. They tolerate acidic soil, drought, and hot weather. They're very easy to take care of — just take care to not water them too much.

How do I prune my exotic shrub?

This really depends on what kind of exotic shrub you have in your garden. In general, we recommend the following:

  • Starting the process when the shrub is dormant (usually in autumn or winter)
  • Cutting away dead and diseased branches first
  • Removing bits of the plant which block your view, or impede footpaths/driveways
  • Cut away branches which intercept one another

For more comprehensive pruning advice specific to your species of exotic shrub, get in touch with our friendly team.

Do you deliver exotic shrubs in Melbourne?

We do! No matter how big or small your order is, we can deliver to your home or landscaping site in Melbourne. Your order will arrive in just a few business days — and in some cases, we can even organise same day delivery. Find out more about buying exotic shrubs and our delivery services by chatting to our friendly team.

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