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Eucalyptus trees for sale in Melbourne

Buy fantastically fragrant eucalyptus and gum trees

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Why buy eucalyptus trees from All Green?

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Locally grown

We grow the majority of our eucalypts right here at our Melbourne nurseries.

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Wonderful variety

As you can see, we’ve got quite the collection of eucalyptus and gum tree species for sale.

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Expert knowledge

Step into our nurseries, and our friendly horticulturists will happily help you answer any questions.

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Easy delivery

Need your new potted eucalyptus trees delivered? Not a problem — just tell us when and where.

Visit an All Green garden centre

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Our primary location has our nursery, garden, landscaping, and building supplies.

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Create a stunning paradise with All Green’s native gum trees

Locally grown eucalyptus trees

Native to Australia, eucalyptus trees are a popular addition to any local garden. At All Green Nursery & Garden, we work with suppliers who cultivate these hardy trees locally, so you can rest assured they're already acclimatised to Melbourne's unique soil and weather conditions.

And, because we save money on freight and shipping, we can pass the savings on to our customers. If you find the perfect eucalyptus tree for sale in our nursery, you can rest assured that it’s not beautiful and adaptable — it’s affordable, too. Just think of how many more gardening supplies you can buy!

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Eucalyptus tree delivery

Whether you want one gum tree or a dozen, All Green can help. We can deliver gum trees to your home or landscaping site for a set price, as long as you reside in one of the 15 designated zones near our nursery in Hoppers Crossing.

If you live outside this area, don't worry! We still deliver — except we base our prices on how far your site is from our nursery by kilometres. Of course, we can only deliver your order if we have stock available. If our supply of eucalyptus trees is dwindling, we will call you as soon as possible with an alternate solution.

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Expert horticulturists

At All Green, we've been helping gardeners and landscapers all over Melbourne for decades. We first planted roots in 1979; since then, we've grown into two nurseries with a combined area of 35,000m².

When you visit us, you'll find beautiful display gardens, a vast range of plants and products, and a friendly team of experts to help you out. We've assisted fledgling greenthumbs with their first food-growing garden projects, as well as experienced landscapers in need of help protecting their exotic trees from pesky insects. There’s practically nothing our experienced team can’t find a solution for.

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Frequently asked questions

What advice should I follow for planting my eucalyptus tree?

Given they are native, eucalyptus trees are very easy to take care of! But to get your new plant thriving, make sure:

  • You remove any competition from around the new plant
  • Plant your eucalyptus in full sun and in a position where the tree can grow to its full height unencumbered
  • During the first twelve months after planting, remove any weeds and grass from around the trunk (in a half-metre radius)

How often should I water my eucalyptus tree?

Ideally, check the soil's moisture at the base of your tree once a week. Push your finger into the soil; if it is wet, you don't need to water your tree.

If it's dry, water directly onto the establishing root ball — not just at the base of the trunk. Give the soil a good soak.

How do I prevent pest infestations and disease?

Eucalyptus trees have evolved to flourish in this beautiful land. They have their own in-built pest and disease resistance mechanisms, such as shedding bark and emitting hormonal and chemical responses when attacked.

Your eucalyptus tree should only be vulnerable to pests and disease if it is weak. If you take care of your tree and give it the proper support as it grows, it will be fine. However, knowing which diseases may affect your new eucalyptus tree is always valuable. Some diseases and pests include:

  • Silver leaf fungus: This fungal disease spreads quickly. If you notice the leaves of your gum tree silvering, it's time to call a professional.
  • Phytophthora: This disease affects the roots of trees, destroying tissue and blocking the plant's ability to absorb nutrients and water. Early symptoms include leaf yellowing and wilting, retention of dead leaves, and darkening of the fine roots.
  • Blue gum psyllids: These bugs suck the sap of your gum trees, rendering them devoid of nutrients and susceptible to decay.

Can I grow my eucalyptus in a pot?

Actually, yes! Contrary to what you might think, some eucalyptus trees thrive in potted environments. These include:

  • Tasmanian snow gums
  • Varnished gums
  • Alpine cider gums
  • Narrow-leaved black peppermint (also known as the willow peppermint)
  • Victorian silver gum

Pots should be large enough, around half a metre in diameter, and have adequate drainage. However, these trees can't take extended periods of cold weather, so we recommend placing them outdoors during summer.

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