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Drought tolerant grasses

Native ornamental grasses that flourish in dry seasons

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Drought tolerant grass delivery

If you want to start planning drought tolerant grasses for the long, hot summer ahead, you can get started right away. All Green Nursery & Garden can deliver drought friendly grasses to homes and businesses all around Melbourne in just a couple of days.

Better yet, there's no minimum limit on delivery. We can fill orders from a single tuft of grass to a full field of stunning ornamentals. Exact costs for products and delivery are subject to distance and availability, so get in touch with our friendly team for more information.

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On-site horticulturists

Drought tolerant grasses, especially native Australian grasses, will be some of the hardiest highlights in your garden. However, it's important to understand that even battlers need a solid foundation before they start growing. When it comes to planting and maintaining your grasses, there's nobody better than an expert.

All Green's professional trained and accredited horticulturists are the best in the business. They are here on-site every day at our Hoppers Crossing location ready to field your questions about growing all kinds of grasses. Come and visit us today.

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Drought grasses on display

The grass is always greener at All Green — even for our drought tolerant grasses. We are proud of all of our grasses because we grow and propagate them ourselves, ready to be planted straight into your garden. You can see them in verdant action at our Hoppers Crossing location.

Our horticulturists and landscapers are hard at work planting some inspiration for you. Our display gardens contain stunning arrays of foliage, trees, and plants.

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Frequently asked questions

Is growing drought tolerant grasses easy?

Growing drought tolerant grasses can be easy. By nature, they are incredibly hardy plants and will last a long time with little watering and care, for the most part. However, there are several things you can do to ensure that your drought tolerant grasses are healthy and happy all year round.

  • Amend the soil before you get planting to remove water competitors like weeds.
  • Loosen the soil and add organic matter to increase the grass's chances to succeed.
  • Water well as the grasses will take some time to establish in their new home.

Sometimes, drought resistant grasses will die out in the centre. When this happens, all you need to do is to dig up the grass, split it, and replant it further apart.

Is it worth planting drought tolerant grasses in Melbourne?

It certainly is. Don't let the cold and wet days fool you. Melbourne and Victoria — like the rest of the country — swelter through dry summers, autumns, and springs. Melbourne's soil content is famously full of clay, which makes it difficult for moisture to move around. Drought tolerant grasses absolutely love this and will thrive at all times of the year.

What are some popular examples of dry soil grasses?

Many native Australia grasses make for popular inclusions in local gardens. Ornamental and decorative grasses are an obvious choice when it comes to drought tolerant plants. They provide many benefits, including screening, hedging, bordering, and ground cover.

Here are some of our favourites:

  • Tanika lomandra: This stunning evergreen grass is a high performer in Australia gardens. It's ideal for bordering and screening.
  • Pennstripe Pennisetum: If you're looking for flowering forms with a lot of flair, you cannot go past this iconic perennial grass, native all over Australia.
  • Kingsdale Poa: A staple of landscaping projects around the country, the soft colour pallette of this grass allows other feature plants to take centre stage.
  • Miscanthus sinensis 'silvergrass': For taller grasses with plenty of vibrant colour, there are many varieties of silvergrass, all of which change colour and shade throughout the seasons.

Do you deliver drought tolerant grasses?

All Green delivers drought tolerant grasses all over the greater Melbourne area. All you need to do is order through our nursery. There's no minimum order for grass delivery. Delivery costs will vary based on how far away you are from our Hoppers Crossing location.  Visit our delivery page to find out more.

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