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Dried sand

All you need to know about dried sand and where to buy it

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Dried sand display

We love to show off our quality landscaping products. At both of our locations, we have displays of our dried sand, showcasing the different ways you can use them in your landscaping project.

Fine kiln dried sand is the most effective way to help make your artificial grass stand out. Or, if you've been crafting garden beds and retaining walls, or paving paths, dried sand is a great substance to fill gaps or blend with cement and aggregates for consistent mortar mixes.

truck loading dried sand for landscaping

Expert advice

Our friendly team of experts are more than happy to help you find what you're looking for. Whether you're at the beginning of a project, in the middle of it, or looking to put the final touches on it, we can direct you to the right landscaping supplies.

We started out with humble roots, as a family working out of a garden shed. And now, we have two store locations spanning up to 35,000m². Head to our Hoppers Crossing store and be one step closer to achieving a beautifully landscaped garden.

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Premium delivery service

Bags of dried sand can be pretty heavy, especially if you need a large quantity of it. We offer a quality delivery service to the site of your landscaping project. You just need to be located within a 50 kilometre radius of either of our two stores.

We often facilitate same day delivery from Monday to Saturday, if you place an order before 1 pm. But to get a better idea of our delivery times, and whether we have enough dried sand in stock for your needs, contact our team.

Large delivery truck

Frequently asked questions

Can I use dried sand for jointing and pointing in stone paving?

Yes. Dried sand is a great material to create dry grouting. It's an easier way to fill in grout when you're creating paving in a garden landscaping project, as it is finer than most other building sands. It helps stop water damage occurring to your beautiful garden path, and stops the pavers from moving. It also helps prevent weeds from growing.

How do I know how much dried sand I'll need?

Typically, one 20 kilogram bag of dried sand will cover around 3.5m² for a 3 millimetre gap between brick-shaped pavers. Meanwhile, for square-shaped pavers, one bag will cover around 12m² for a 3 millimetre gap.

Is there a minimum order for getting dried sand delivered?

No. We have no minimum for getting dried sand, soil, or mulch delivered. We offer small and bulk quantity deliveries for all our landscaping materials and products to sites located within 50 kilometres of one of our stores.

If your site is located outside that area, we offer delivery for an increased cost. If you have any questions about our delivery options, get in touch with our friendly team.

Where does your dried sand come from?

We source all our fine kiln dried sand from around Victoria and Australia. We only stock high quality products and have used our years of experience to establish relationships with reputable trade partners. To find out more about where we get our dried sand from, contact us and we'll be happy to chat.

How is dried sand made?

The sand is dried in a kiln to remove water and any residual water before it's ready for use. Then the sand is bagged, supplied to us, to supply to you.

Can't I just use beach sand?

No. Beach sand contains high quantities of salt, which will be released over time and will form a coating on your pavers over time. This coating is both unsightly and can damage your pavers — and it's extremely difficult to remove.

What if I have more questions?

We have cultivated knowledge and experience throughout our years working as one of Melbourne's leading landscaping suppliers. Simply reach out! We're more than happy to chat all things landscaping with you.

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