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Acacia trees and shrubs for sale in Melbourne

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Why buy acacia trees from All Green?

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Locally grown

Our acacia shrubs and wattle trees are grown in our Melbourne nurseries.

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Wonderful variety

From the iconic golden wattle to the luxurious gossamer wattle, we’ve got all the acacia trees you could ask for.

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Expert knowledge

Need a hand deciding which acacia tree or acacia shrub to buy? Trust our seasoned advice.

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Easy delivery

Once you’ve bought your beautiful potted acacia, we’ll have it delivered right to your doorstep.

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Dedicate your garden to native glory with local acacias

Planting new acacia trees

Acacias absolutely adore hot sunny weather, so the best time to plant your new acacia shrubs or trees is during spring and summer. Although they’ll take in most soils, they tend to prefer well-draining soils, so a gravel or sand base would be ideal.

When they’re young, acacia trees and wattles will appreciate a weekly watering to gain their strength. But once they’re established, they’re rugged as anything, only needing a monthly watering even during blazing weather. Of course, a bit of fertiliser would be a welcome treat every other week.

Rough wattle tree in bloom

Acacia tree pruning and pest control

The acacia family are renowned for their low-maintenance needs, which makes them a great choice for busy homeowners who don’t have time for gardening. However, you can’t just plant and leave them.

Once a year, they’ll need to be pruned of dead and damaged branches. Once a month, or even every other month, it’s best to rake up any leaf litter at their bass. 

Acacias are prone to anthracnose, which we can recommend a fungicide for over a call, and can be preyed upon by sap-sucking pests like aphids. We’ve got pesticides you can use to make light work of them, though.

Close up of golden wattle yellow flowers

Acacia shrubs thrive in Australian climates

Because acacia trees and shrubs, including wattles, have evolved to thrive in Australia’s unique climate, you can pretty much guarantee any species you choose will thrive in your garden.

Acacias grow practically everywhere, from our arid Australian outback to our salty stretches of coastline. They’re fine during the rains and the heat waves. Their only weakness is the frost; while they can withstand a bit of cold, ice and snow can kill an acacia.

Close up of bright yellow flowers on a gossamer wattle

Frequently asked questions

How long do acacia trees live?

That depends on which acacia trees you’re talking about. Some wattle trees and shrubs, which are part of the acacia genus, tend to live for one to two decades. Others can live for over 200 years!

What colour flowers do acacia trees produce?

The majority of acacia plants produce yellow flowers (or urchins) — think of the classic golden wattle. However, certain acacia species also produce white, pink and red flowers. 

What are the tallest and shortest wattles?

The tallest species of acacia is likely the white marblewood (Acacia bakeri), which can grow to 50 metres in height. On the other hand, there are acacia shrubs that grow centimetres in height and make for great ground cover. Between those two extremes, you’ll find that most acacia shrubs and trees grow approximately 5 metres tall — perfect for screening or as a garden centrepiece.

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