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10 essential tools for landscaping and gardening

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10 essential tools for landscaping and gardening
Essential gardening toolsEssential gardening tools
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October 8, 2019
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Everything the budding gardener needs to get started

Are you ready to make some changes to your yard? Want to do it all yourself? You're going to need a few things first. We've compiled a list of our top 10 essential tools for landscaping and gardening that you'll need before you get started on your next gardening project.

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1. Gloves

gardening gloves

If you want those thumbs to turn green, you'd best keep them protected. Proper gardening gloves are your first line of defence against thorns, thistles, splinters, dirt, and infections. As well as wearing a glove that fits, you'll want to find gardening gloves that are:

    • Designed to protect the sensitive parts of the wrist• Resistant to water and dirt, but breathable• Durable, but comfortable, malleable and easily to use

Applications: gardening, planting, edging, landscaping, building, planting

2. Hoses and irrigation

These essential items are often overlooked in new gardens. Hoses and irrigation effectively deliver water around your garden. Water also provides much needed nutrients and air to your plants by way of their roots. Have a look for a good hose or irrigation system with:

    • Rubber design to avoid kinking and tangling• The correct length for the right amount of pressure• Adjustable parts and nozzles to reach all parts of your garden

Applications: irrigation, turf laying, gardening, landscaping

3. Garden fork

If you're familiar with Melbourne's unique soil content, you might be aware that certain areas can be tough and full of clay. If this sounds like your garden, you're going to need a sturdy garden fork to break up the soil. Keep an eye out for a good fork that:

    • Is well balanced and ergonomic, allowing for continued use• Has curved, but strong tines for digging and turning mulch and soil• Has straight square tines for making inroads into hard, solid ground

Applications: gardening, landscaping, turf laying, soil improvement, planting

[feature_link]Read more: Want to know more about the different types of soil in Melbourne? Visit our resource article on the subject.[/feature_link]

4. Spades

gardening spade

Let's call a spade a spade. Due to their wide range of applications and versatility, differently sized and shaped spades are some of the most important tools in any garden. Ask anyone who has tried to dig a hole or trench by hand. Be on the look out for spades that:

  • Boast ergonomically designed hardwood handles that absorb and distribute shock effectively
  • Feature a stainless steel head that is resistant to rust and bending
  • Are thick enough and sharp enough to cut through roots and soil when digging

Applications: digging, gardening, landscaping, building, planting

5. Secateurs

Pruning is a vital step in preparing your plants for different growth seasons. Pruning encourages strong, stable growth of stems, and gets rid of infected and damaged parts.

[tip_box]Tip: Keep your secateurs clean at all the times to prevent spreading diseases to another plant. This is best achieved using methylated spirits.[/tip_box]

A good quality pair of secateurs will make pruning easy, especially if it:

  • Will last through many years of ongoing use with replaceable blades
  • Contour to the hand, allowing for easier leverage and use
  • Boast several features, including safety locks and sap grooves

Applications: gardening, pruning

6. A good knife

Sometimes, you just need to cut to the chase. A good knife shouldn't be relegated to the kitchen drawer. Knives have plenty of application in the garden, including quick pruning, cutting string, and boring small holes. Try and find a garden knife that:

  • Is made from quality, rust-proof stainless steel
  • Can be sharpened without too much effort
  • Is easily collapsible for safety and easy storage

Applications: gardening, pruning, building, landscaping

7. Garden hoes

garden hoes

Garden hoes allow you to break ground more easily. They employ a right-angled blade to penetrate deep into the earth, allowing you to displace material with minimal effort. Hoes aren't made equal, so you'll want to find a good one that is:

  • Heavy duty, and manufactured to penetrate hard ground
  • Long and easy to hold, taking pressure off your back and arms
  • Coated to remain splinter-free over its lifetime

Applications: soil preparation, gardening, digging

8. Knee protection

Ongoing garden projects mean spending a lot of time down on your knees. Whether you are weeding or feeding, you'll want to keep your precious joints protected. Knee protection is a great preventative measure, allowing you to spend even more time in your yard. Find knee pads that:

  • Fit your legs properly to prevent slipping
  • Are well structured, padded, and supported
  • Are machine washable

Applications: weeding, planting, digging

9. Wheelbarrow or garden cart

garden wheelbarrow

Make the heavy lifting and carrying easier on yourself. A wheelbarrow or cart is an essential piece of equipment in larger gardens, helping gardeners shift soil, rocks, plants, leaves, or other material around the garden. You'll want a wheelbarrow or garden cart that is:

  • Well proportioned and balanced
  • Strong, sturdy, and resistant to rust
  • Generously proportioned, with a capacity of over 100L

Applications: building, landscaping, gardening

10. A multipurpose rake

If you can find a gardening tool that ticks many boxes, you should go for it. Multipurpose rakes can gather leaves and debris, shovel certain materials, and sift soil. As a budding gardener, you'll need a multipurpose rake that:

  • Can take the place of several unwieldy tools at once
  • Is made from a light but strong material like polycarbonate
  • Can potentially poke holes to aerate the soil

Applications: gardening, raking, moving soil

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