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Pierre de Ronsard Rose Melbourne

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Growing the perfect Pierre de Ronsard roses

Pierre de Ronsard rose plant sizes

The Pierre de Ronsard rose, also known as the Eden rose, is a climbing rose that can grow up to 2.5-3.5 meters tall and 1.2-1.8 meters wide. However, the growth of this rose can vary depending on the climate, soil conditions, and pruning methods. Proper care and maintenance, including regular pruning and fertilisation, can help ensure healthy growth and abundant flowering.

Pierre De Ronsard rose plant

Pierre de Ronsard rose care & planting tips

Pierre de Ronsard roses are among the most popular climbing roses and can add a stunning touch to any garden or landscape when planted and maintained properly. First, choose a sunny spot with well-draining soil for planting. Dig a hole slightly larger than the root ball, and mix in some compost or well-rotted manure to enrich the soil. Plant the rose at the same depth as it was in its container, and water it thoroughly. 

As the rose grows, provide it with support, such as a trellis or fence, to help it climb. Prune the rose in late winter or early spring to remove any dead or damaged wood and to shape it for the upcoming growing season.

Flowering Pierre De Ronsard rose plant with a vase of cut flowers on a table below

Pierre de Ronsard rose blooming season

The Pierre de Ronsard rose typically blooms in early summer and flowers freely through the fall. The exact blooming season may vary depending on the climate and growing conditions. In warmer regions, the roses may begin blooming earlier in the year and continue later into the fall, while in cooler regions, they may have a shorter blooming season. Regular deadheading, or removing spent blooms, can help to encourage new growth and prolong the blooming season. Additionally, after regular fertilisation and watering, you’ll notice the pale pink blooms deepening into new growth.

Pierre De Ronsard roses blooming season

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a climbing rose?

A climbing rose grows long, flexible canes and can be trained to climb a wall, fence, pillar, or other structure. Unlike most shrub rose plants, which have a bushy growth habit, climbing roses have long, arching canes that can grow up to 6 meters or more in length. 

Climbing roses are generally hardy and easy to grow, and they can add a beautiful vertical element to any garden or landscape. However, they require some support and may need regular pruning to keep them in check and promote healthy growth.

How do you prune a Pierre de Ronsard climbing rose?

Pruning a Pierre de Ronsard climbing rose is essential to keep the plant healthy and to encourage abundant flowering. Ensure you prune your rose in late winter or early spring, just before the plant produces new growth. Start by removing dead or damaged wood and spindly growth. Tie the remaining canes to a support, such as a trellis or fence, so they grow in one direction. If any canes have grown excessively long, prune them back by about one-third to promote branching and encourage the growth of new flower buds.

What are Pierre de Ronsard roses used for?

Although known as a pillar rose, and ideal for outdoor structures, the standard pink or red Pierre de Ronsard rose can be used for various purposes. This includes garden decorations, cut flowers, gifts and more. Overall, Pierre de Ronsard roses are prized for their beauty, fragrance, and versatility and can be used in various ways to enhance the beauty of any setting.

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