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Growing the perfect Peace rose plant

Tips for planting Peace roses

To ensure your Peace roses continue to bloom, you must plant them correctly. This includes selecting a location that receives at least 6 hours of full sun daily and has drained soil. It will also need good air circulation to prevent disease in the roses. When planting, dig a hole twice as wide and deep as the root ball of the Peace rose plant. Make sure to water your Peace roses deeply and regularly, especially during the hot summer months. Ensure the soil stays moist but not soggy.

White peace roses with pink edged petals in a garden

Pruning a Peace standard rose plant

Pruning a Peace standard rose plant (a rose bush grown on a single stem or trunk) is similar to pruning other hybrid tea roses. The best time to prune a Peace standard rose plant is in late winter or early spring, just before new growth begins. Begin by removing any dead, diseased, or damaged wood from the plant. Look for brown, shrivelled, or brittle branches and cut them off cleanly at the base of the stem. If you see any signs of disease, such as black spots or powdery mildew, cut off the affected parts of the plant and dispose of them in the trash.

Next, shape the plant by removing any crossing or rubbing branches and cutting back any branches growing too tall or too wide. The goal is to create an open, vase-like shape with a few strong, healthy stems.

Peace rose in bloom

Peace rose blooming season

The Peace rose typically blooms in late spring to early summer, and then again in Autumn. The exact blooming season can vary depending on the climate and growing conditions, but in general, you can expect to see the first flush of blooms in November or December, with a second smaller bloom in April or May. With proper care and maintenance, a Peace rose can produce flowers throughout the growing season.

Collection of Peace roses

Frequently Asked Questions

What classification is a Peace rose?

The Peace rose (Rosa 'Madame A. Meilland') is classified as a hybrid tea rose. Hybrid tea roses are popular modern roses known for their large, high-centred blooms and long, straight stems. They are often used for cutting and as a focal point in garden beds due to their showy vigorous flowers and elegant pinkish-yellow appearance. The Peace rose was first introduced in 1945 by Francis Meilland and quickly became a favourite among gardeners for its unique colouration and hardy, disease-resistant nature. They are now considered famous roses and are widely grown in gardens around the world.

Are Peace roses fragrant?

Yes, Peace roses are known for their sweet and spicy light fragrance. The scent of the Peace rose is often described as a classic rose fragrance with hints of fruit, spice, and cloves. The intensity of the fragrance can vary depending on the weather conditions and time of day, with the scent being most potent on warm, sunny days.

What is a climbing Peace rose?

A climbing Peace rose is a climbing form of the popular hybrid tea rose. Climbing rose varieties produce long, flexible canes that can be trained to grow up trellises, walls, fences, or other supports.

The climbing Peace rose has the same large, high-centred blooms and sweet fragrance as the standard Peace potted roses but with longer, more flexible canes that allow it to be trained to grow vertically. It can be grown as a single stem or branch out into a more bushy form. Climbing Peace roses have an enhanced growth habit, can reach heights of up to 10-12 feet and can be pruned to maintain a manageable size.

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