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Papa Meilland Roses Melbourne

This hybrid tea rose will become the jewel of your garden

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Growing Papa Meilland roses in Melbourne

How to plant Papa Meilland roses

Planting Papa Meilland roses requires patience and care, but it is well worth the effort to enjoy the beautiful result. Start by digging a hole twice as wide and deep as the current root ball of your budding rose. To give your new plant its best chance to thrive, mix quality soil with compost or well-rotted manure in equal parts and fill in your planting hole with this mixture. Lastly, when you are finished, stake taller varieties to provide enough support while they are firmly establishing their roots in the ground.

Papa Meilland red rose

When do Papa Meilland roses bloom

Papa Meilland roses are popular garden shrubs known for their large beautiful round bloom and straight stems. These heritage roses generally bloom during late spring to early summer, however, this can depend on when they were grafted and the overall climate of your particular area. Papa meilland roses need full sunlight to bloom well since they lack shade tolerance. Their fragrant petals require swathes of sun and plenty of good-quality soil or compost to thrive. With the proper light, climate and maintenance, these bushes will reward you with a sea of colourful blossoms every spring!

Papa Meilland in bloom

Papa Meilland rose watering tips

To keep Papa Meilland roses healthy and vibrant, proper watering plays an important role. Consistent and moderate watering is ideal so that the soil remains lightly moist, ensuring the roots of your roses receive enough water without becoming oversaturated. Covering the soil with a layer of mulch will not only help to prevent weeds from sprouting but also helps retain moisture and maintain a steady temperature in the root zone. 

Close up of Papa Meilland rose petals

Frequently asked questions

Are Papa Meilland roses suitable for a Melbourne climate?

Papa Meilland roses are one of the best roses to plant in the Melbourne climate. They thrive in areas that experience both hot and cool temperatures, meaning they adapt well to this region. Additionally, they require little maintenance and boast excellent disease resistance. 

When and how to prune Papa Meilland roses?

It is recommended to prune your Papa Meilland roses in the early spring before the start of new growth. Start by trimming off any dead, damaged or diseased canes, crossing branches, and spent blooms. Then reduce the length of longer shoots down to the height that you desire. Lastly, thin out overcrowded areas and cut back any remaining canes for a naturally balanced shape. Taking the time to perform regular pruning is essential to rose care as it allows for maximum airflow, keeping diseases at bay and promoting healthier blooming throughout the season.

What’s the best soil for Papa Meilland roses?

Papa Meilland roses are best grown in a well-draining, loamy soil with a slightly acidic pH of 6.0 and 6.8. To ensure optimal nutrition, the soil must be enriched with organic matter, such as mature compost or well–rotted manure. As Papa Meilland roses prefer humus-rich soils and moist conditions, it is important to mulch around their base with organic mulches such as wood chippings or bark chips to help lock in moisture and vital nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash. Systematic deep watering of the root zone is also important for healthy growth throughout the seasons.

What do Papa Meilland roses smell like?

The Papa Meilland are hybrid tea roses that have a strong rose fragrance. Its signature aroma includes wild berries, almonds, and honey notes, creating a light and distinct bouquet. It has a natural balance between fruity and spicy smells that appeal to many people. Distinct bergamot-like tones add depth to the floral scent, becoming more pronounced in the afternoon sun. Due to its strong intensity and long-lasting aroma, the Papa Meilland rose has grown in popularity among florists worldwide.

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