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Just Joey Roses Melbourne

An exquisite hybrid tea rose ready to bloom

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Tips for growing Just Joey roses in Melbourne

Planting tips for Just Joey roses

To successfully plant a joey rose, begin by tilling or turning the soil. This will help fertilise it and create a looser base for the roots to spread. Once this is done, prepare your planting hole - make sure it's twice as wide as the root ball and just as deep. When you're ready to put in your rose bush, position it in the hole and then backfill it with drained soil. Water your Just Joey roses regularly for optimal growth and prune them after flowering.

Close up of a Just Joey rose in a garden

Sun and soil conditions for Just Joey roses

Just Joey roses are a type of rose that require specific factors to thrive. They need an area with plenty off full sun, as they prefer five to seven hours of direct sunlight per day. The soil must be well-drained and relatively sandy, such as loam soil or mulch. Proper fertilisation is also essential – look for an organic option or a blend that includes nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. 

Just Joey roses in bloom

How to train a Just Joey climbing rose

Training a Just Joey climbing rose is not difficult, but it does require some work. First, you will need to find strong, sturdy support for your rose. Next, you will need to tie the canes of your rose to the support using soft twine or strips of cloth. Be sure to leave some slack in the ties so your rose can move slightly in the wind. Finally, you must prune your rose regularly to promote new growth and keep the plant healthy.

Close up of a Just Joey rose

Frequently asked questions

How far apart should I plant Just Joey roses?

To ensure that each rose bush has the maximum space for growth, it is best to plant them about a metre apart in rows. This distance will give each plant plenty of room to spread out, and will also enable enough airflow so as not to encourage rot or disease from overcrowding. Keep in mind that some types of Just Joeys may require more space for a well-established garden, so it's always wise to check the planting requirements for your particular variety of roses before their installation. 

How often does Just Joey rose bloom in Melbourne?

Just Joey rose flowers can be found in full bloom throughout the year in Melbourne, Australia. During the warmer months of early spring, summer and into early autumn, it blooms prolifically, rewarding gardeners with its lush, heavy petals blooming heavily in various vibrant colours. 

What colour is a Just Joey rose?

A Just Joey rose is an exquisitely vibrant shade of pink. These hybrid tea roses make an immediate impression as soon as you look at them - the petals are flamboyant in texture but also subtle and soft to the touch. Each rose's beauty is unique and mesmerising in hues ranging from blush to raspberry and deep plum.

How many flowerings per season for Just Joey roses?

For those looking for year-round flowers in Melbourne, Just Joey roses are a great option. Generally, one flowering season takes about 8 weeks on average. This means that for Melbourne temperatures, you could expect to enjoy up to 3 flowerings of Just Joey roses from mid-September through early May.

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