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Ground cover plants

Prevent weeds and keep moisture in the soil with ground cover for your garden

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Ground cover for Melbourne

If your garden suffers from drought or weeds and mulch or gravel isn't resolving the problem, planting ground cover can give an aesthetically pleasing outcome. Ground cover helps to keep the soil moist and prevent the growth of unwanted weeds in the garden. It looks great, plus it also helps to keep your other plants healthy!

Planting ground cover adds freshness to a garden while helping to maintain the soil temperature. It helps your other plants and seeds to thrive in changeable weather conditions. Find out which ground cover plants will best complement your garden and ask any questions you have when you visit us in-store.

Ground cover plant

On-site horticulturalists

If growing a garden ever seems overwhelming, it's easy to seek advice from our garden professionals. Our horticulturalists have extensive knowledge about what grows well locally here in Melbourne. They can provide growing tips and assist you with plant selection to ensure that your garden grows greener than ever.

Our team are available to answer any questions you have about growing ground cover and designing a successful garden. We have experts in landscaping that you can speak to as well. Visit our nursery and display garden at Hoppers Crossing to see the plants growing and find the inspiration to plant a thriving garden.

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Ground cover delivery

If you don't have space in your car to take your new plants home, don't worry! We can help you out. When you request delivery of your items, they will arrive at your door within a few business days. Our delivery service is available anywhere in the Melbourne metro area.

Our delivery team can bring your new plants plus any gardening tools, potting mix, or landscaping supplies that you need right to your door. In fact, for orders placed before 1 pm, we can provide same-day delivery to some Melbourne suburbs. For more information about delivery to your suburb, see our delivery information or contact us with your enquiry.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the best low-maintenance ground cover plant?

For a partly shaded garden with a pond or water feature, Australian Harebell is a native ground cover that grows into a thick, dense mat. It's suitable for rocky areas or between pavers and flowers with purple buds.

Thyme is a soft ground cover that can withstand light foot traffic. There are different varieties you can choose for their foliage, ranging from green and gold to silver. Slow-growing varieties are ideal for growing between pavers and stones. Thyme can introduce a fresh scent to your garden as well.

Pigface is a South African native plant. It grows well in dry, sunny, rocky, and sandy areas of the garden. This hardy plant blooms with delicate, daisy-like flowers.

What are some flowering ground cover plants?

There are many options for flowering ground cover. Here are a few of our popular flowering ground cover plants:

Grevillea Royal Mantle is a drought-tolerant plant that attracts native Australian birds to its spectacular flowers throughout spring and summer.

Guinea Flower is another native ground cover with large yellow flowers during spring and summertime. The glossy foliage is evergreen, keeping the garden lush year-round.

Fan Flower rewards the gardener with small purple flowers that are most prolific in spring and bloom to a lesser degree year-round. This plant can tolerate light frost.

What are the benefits of planting ground cover?

Planting ground cover can have a variety of health benefits for your garden. Some of the benefits of planting ground cover include:

  1. Plants spread across the soil and help to choke out weeds by providing competition for nutrients and sunlight.
  2. Thickly grown ground cover can help to reduce erosion.
  3. Ground cover insulates the soil from cold in winter and heat in summer.
  4. Spreading plants hep to reduce water loss from the garden bed.
  5. Plants provide organic matter that increases the nutrient value of the garden bed over time, improving overall soil quality.

Which ground cover grows well in full sun?

Vinca is a flowering ground cover that can grow in hot, dry areas and thrives in full sun. Flowers come in white, pink or red.

Oregano is a hardy edible plant that doubles as a ground cover and tolerates full sun. Use this versatile herb in the kitchen and enjoy the insect-repelling benefits as it reduces mosquitos and other pests in the garden.

Black mondo grass spreads slowly and prefers full sun. It can be grown amongst other plants or even in a container or pot to cover exposed soil.

If you have questions about the best ground cover for your garden's conditions, you can get in touch with our friendly team. They'd be happy to share their knowledge with you.

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