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Double Delight Roses Melbourne

These large double blooms are a garden must-have!

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Double Delight rose growing tips

Tips for planting Double Delight roses

To ensure maximum success with your Double Delight roses, it's important to select a spot with plenty of sunlight and good drainage. While Double Delight roses can handle poor soil quality, incorporating some organic matter and light amendments into the well-drained soil will provide the best nutrients for vigorous growth. When planting, make sure to dig a hole that is twice as wide as the root ball and deep enough so that the stem is just barely above the ground. Water frequently around planting time and don't forget to apply fertiliser regularly during their growing season.

White Double Delight rose with pink edges

When to prune Double Delight roses

Double Delight roses should be pruned annually in early spring, just before new growth starts to emerge. When pruning, always use sharp, sterile tools and wear protective clothing for your own safety. Of course, dead or diseased branches should be removed first and then look for overly-long stems or crowded sections of the shrub. Cut these back to a healthy stem that is around 1/4 inch above where side shoots are budding from. Finally, consider removing lower branches for better air flow around the plant. With careful pruning each year, the rosebush will become more shapely and beautiful over time!

Close up of the pink petals on two Double Delight roses

Blooming season for Double Delight roses

Double Delight roses produce clusters of flowers that bloom in late spring to early autumn and require full sun exposure to thrive. Despite their exquisite beauty and fragrance, Double Delight roses are hardy and disease-resistant, making them an excellent choice for those who value a plant's practicality and appearance. When tended to properly, these hardy flowers will provide a beautiful display of perfume and colour all season long.

Two Double Delight roses in bloom

Frequently asked questions

How tall do Double Delight roses grow?

Many Double Delight plants can reach heights of around two meters, making them a good choice for larger gardens or those with more space. These popular roses are also known for their long-lasting blooms, which start from creamy white petals edged with red and then deepen into pink and red as they mature. 

How often to water Double Delight roses?

To ensure healthy growth, it's important to water Double Delight roses frequently--at least once a week during their growing season from spring to late summer. Roses need the soil to remain moist, so water thoroughly and deeply until you see the droplets coming out of the base of the plant.

What soil type do Double Delight roses require?

Double Delight roses require well-drained, slightly acidic soil with an optimal pH level of between 6.0 and 6.5. To achieve a healthy environment for the rose bush, it’s best to mix in organic matter, such as peat moss or compost at planting time and to mulch with organic materials annually to protect the plant from extreme temperature swings and retain moisture. 

Can Double Delight be bare-rooted roses?

Double Delight roses are among the most popular hybrid tea varieties because of their strong fragrance and bright colours. This hardy, vigorous rose is technically a bush variety and is usually grown on its own root system as bare root plants rather than as a grafted plant. Therefore, it can be transplanted successfully, allowing gardeners to move the plants in winter or early spring while they are still dormant. Due to its popularity and relatively easy care requirements, Double Delight can often be found as pre-packaged bare-root roses from nurseries or garden centres throughout Victoria.

How popular are Double Delight bush roses in Melbourne?

The Double Delight rose was inducted into the World Federation of Rose Societies, Rose Hall of Fame in 1985 and has been an incredibly popular flower ever since. Double delight bush roses are incredibly popular in Melbourne due to their pleasing colour combinations and bright blooms. 

With shades of cream and crimson, the flowers attract attention and add dimension to any garden. Additionally, they require minimal care; the flowers should be watered regularly during the warmer summer months and removed promptly after they have withered. To sum up, Double Delight bush roses provide an attractive and low-maintenance addition to any Melbourne garden.

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