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Climbing plants

Add vertical interest with climbing plants that climb, creep and twist

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Climbers and vines

Climbing plants can transform a dull space into a beautiful green oasis. Whether you want to cover an unsightly fence or wall, enhance the privacy of your yard or add the luxury of green to your space, there are plenty of climbers that grow fast in the Victorian climate.

Choose climates that thrive in the sun or plants that grow on a shady wall. From bright bougainvillea to voluptuous Boston ivy, you can choose climbers that will complement your outdoor space.

Our climbers are grown right here in Victoria, so we know which plants will thrive in Melbourne's weather. Plus, we are always happy to share our gardening expertise. Visit us in-store to see the full range of climbing plants for yourself.

climbers and vines

On site horticulturalists

Climbing plants are hardy and adaptable — you can even grow them in pots if you are short on space. You can ask our on-site horticulturalists for advice to help you find plants that suit your garden's unique mix of sunlight, space and rainfall.

Be inspired by our display garden at Hoppers Crossing. When you visit our nursery, you can choose from an extensive range of climbing plants that grow well in Melbourne. Plus, our friendly team can guide you with tips on how to grow your favourite climbers in your garden.

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Climbing plant delivery

Are you wondering how you'll get your new climbing plants home without getting your car dirty? Never fear — our prompt delivery service will have your new plants, garden supplies and other items delivered to you within a few business days.

If you are tackling a landscaping project or making over a courtyard, you can bet that we will help deliver everything you need to complete your outdoor project. Whether you need a few small items or a large order, you can rely on All Green Nursery & Garden to deliver anywhere within the Melbourne metropolitan area. All you need to do is place the order and start preparing the garden for your new plants.

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Frequently asked questions

Can climbers grow in pots?

Absolutely — some climbers are suitable for container gardens or small gardens. One example is bambino dwarf bougainvillea, a flowering plant that needs good drainage. Climbers like ivy or creeping fig can also be grown in pots indoors or outdoors, as long as they have enough sunlight. For outdoors, Mandevilla or 'rock trumpet' is a flowering vine that is easy to grow and maintain, and add colour to any courtyard.

What support structure does a climber need?

Different plants have different climbing techniques. When you choose a climbing plant, make sure it will grow against the structure that you have in mind. Here are a few of the different types of climbers and where they grow best:

  • Twiners: these plants have flexible new stems that grow around just about any support, including poles and posts. Just make sure the support is strong enough to hold the species, as climbers like wisteria may strangle trees or crush soft timber.
  • Scramblers: Thorns or spikes on the stems grab onto any support. These climbers grow well on cables or over a pergola or garden arch.
  • Sticky feet: Some climbers attach to a surface via tiny suction caps or clusters of roots. Beware as they may damage paint or rendered surfaces.
  • Tendrils: This style of climber grips a surface with small coils or springs that form at the base of the leaves. They are perfect for covering latticework, wire mesh or cable wire fences.

What is the best flowering climbing plant?

The best flowering climber for your garden depends on where you want the plant to grow and the type of structure providing support. Some beautiful examples that grow well in Australia include:

Clematis: A member of the buttercup family, this climber rewards the gardener with fragrant flowers. There lots of different colours available too!

Jasmine: Usually white or pink, this climber flowers generously. It can be fragrant or not, depending on the species.

Wisteria: This robust plant grows fast, providing screening from the neighbours and rich shade throughout summer and spring.

For more advice on flowering climbing plants for your courtyard, indoor space or garden, visit our display garden at Hoppers Crossing. Our friendly staff are always happy to answer all your climber questions.

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