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Charles de Gaulle Roses Melbourne

A hybrid tea rose perfect for every garden

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Growing tips for Charles de Gaulle roses

Planting Charles de Gaulle roses

When planting these roses, it is important to choose a location where the plant will have plenty of sunlight; ideally, 4-5 hours of direct light each day to encourage healthy growth and blooming. Charles de Gaulle roses should be planted in either late spring or early fall when temperatures are not too hot so that they have time to adjust slowly before being subjected to weather fluctuations. With the right care and attention, these lovely flowers can bring vibrant colours and natural beauty to any yard or garden!

Charles de Gaulle rose petals

Watering advice for Charles de Gaulle roses

During the warmer months, this standard rose should be watered deeply two to three times a week, allowing the water to penetrate deeply into the soil. To avoid nutrient loss and fungus growth on the foliage, these roses should only be watered in the morning and never in the evening. Fertiliser can also be added monthly during the growing season for best results. 

Close up of a Charles de Gaulle rose

When is blooming season for Charles de Gaulle roses

Blooming season for Charles de Gaulle roses in Melbourne, Australia varies depending on the location. Generally, however, these beautiful flowers typically start to create natural shape, perfectly formed blooms around late spring and will often continue until the beginning of autumn. This gives gardeners a large portion of the year to enjoy their vibrant flowers and the lovely aroma they produce.

Charles de Gaulle roses in bloom

Frequently asked questions

How did Charles de Gaulle roses get their name?

Named for one of France’s most beloved statesmen, Charles de Gaulle roses are some of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Their story begins with the stately home of de Gaulle on the outskirts of Paris where these roses bloomed for decades. It is said that, upon tasting the fragrance of these roses, Madame de Gaulle declared that they should be named after her husband as a tribute to his courage and leadership. And so it was done – these carefully cultivated roses were christened ‘Charles de Gaulle’ in honor of his legacy and are now sold all over the world.

How tall do Charles de Gaulle roses grow?

Charles de Gaulle roses can attain heights of about 1.2-2.4 metres when fully grown in ideal conditions, and can reach a diameter of up to 90 cm with their arching growth habit. As such, they make an ideal choice for creating a privacy hedge or as the focal point of your garden. When properly cared for, these stunning roses can truly bring a vibrant splash of colour to any outdoor space.

Are Charles de Gaulle roses suitable for the Melbourne climate?

Charles de Gaulle roses are one variety of rose that is suited to the climate in Melbourne. The climate in Melbourne is known for its temperamental nature - temperatures can drop drastically throughout winter - making it important to select roses that can cope with these changing conditions. Fortunately, the Charles de Gaulle rose is quite hardy and can survive short temperature drops during periods of warm weather. However, during colder months they will likely require some protection or extra mulching around their base. With careful maintenance and attention, these beautiful varieties can thrive even in challenging climates such as Melbourne's.

What soil is best for Charles de Gaulle roses?

Charles de Gaulle roses thrive in well-drained, medium loam soil. A sandy type of soil with a moderately high amount of organic matter is ideal to promote strong root growth and increased blooms. Additionally, soil should be slightly acidic as these types of roses prefer acidity levels between 5 and 6 on the pH scale.

Can Charles de Gaulle roses be suitable as bare root roses?

Charles de Gaulle roses are ideal as bare root roses due to their reliable and prolific bloom cycle, strong fragrance, and disease resistance. Generally, they grow best in a sunny climate with well-draining soil. With minimal care and effort, you can enjoy the beautiful flowers of this variety from late spring through autumn. 

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