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Planting the perfect Candy Stripe roses

Tips for planting Candy Stripe roses

Candy Stripe roses are a beautiful and unique variety that feature pink and white striped petals. When planting Candy Stripe roses, choosing a suitable location, preparing the drained soil properly, and providing the plant with adequate water and fertiliser is important. 

Candy Stripe roses prefer full sun, well-draining soil, and good air circulation. Before planting, prepare the soil by removing weeds and debris and enriching it with organic matter. Dig a hole twice the width and depth of the root ball, and make sure to plant the rose at the same level it was growing in the pot. Water deeply once a week, especially during hot and dry weather, and fertilise the plant in early spring and mid-summer.

Candy Stripe rose bud

Pruning your Candy Stripe rose plant

Pruning your Candy Stripe rose plant is essential to maintain its health, shape, and encourage abundant blooms. The best time to prune your Candy Stripe rose plant is in late winter or early spring before new growth begins. 

When pruning, remove dead, damaged and diseased wood, stems and leaves. This is necessary for most bare-root plants. You should also remove weak growth and any spindly stems with a sharp knife. For most flowering plants, pruning allows for shaping and promoting continuous blooms.

Candy Stripe rose bush

Candy Stripe rose blooming season

Candy Stripe roses typically bloom in late spring or early summer and continue to flower throughout the summer. The exact blooming season can vary depending on your location, climate, and growing conditions. In general, Candy Stripe bush roses are known for their abundant and continuous blooming, producing clusters of pink and white striped flowers that are sure to add a pop of colour and beauty to your garden. By providing your Candy Stripe rose plant with adequate sunlight, water, and fertiliser, you can help ensure healthy growth and plentiful blooms throughout the growing season.

Candy Stripe rose in bloom

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the classification of a Candy Stripe rose?

Candy Stripe roses are classified as hybrid tea roses. These roses are known for their large, elegant blooms, often used for cut flowers and display in bouquets. They are created by crossing two specific roses, typically a hybrid perpetual and tea rose. Hybrid tea roses like Candy Stripe are valued for their fragrance, long stems, and wide range of colours and forms. They are also known for their repeated blooming throughout the growing season, with individual blooms typically lasting several days to a week. 

Do hybrid tea roses like sun or shade?

Hybrid tea roses generally require full sun to thrive and produce the best blooms. Full sun means at least 6 hours of direct sunlight each day. Hybrid tea roses need plenty of sunlight to photosynthesise and produce energy for growth and flowering. In areas with very hot or intense sun, some afternoon shade may be beneficial to prevent the plants from becoming overly stressed or dehydrated. However, it's important to ensure that hybrid tea roses still receive enough direct sunlight during the day to promote healthy growth and abundant blooms.

How high do Candy Stripe roses grow?

Candy Stripe roses, a type of hybrid tea rose, typically grow to a height of 3 to 5 feet and a spread of 2 to 3 feet. Like most bare-root roses, the height and spread of the Candy Stripe rose can vary depending on the specific growing conditions, including the climate, soil quality, soil level and amount of sunlight and water the plant receives.

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