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Growing Bonica roses in Melbourne

How to care for Bonica roses

Caring for Bonica roses doesn't have to be complicated! Just follow a few simple steps, and you'll have beautiful blooms all year round. Start by giving them plenty of sunlight - 6 hours full sun a day is ideal. Ensure they’re planted in well-drained soil and fertilised with a balanced fertiliser every other week. Water deeply when first planting, then water again weekly (more often if it's particularly hot and dry). Lastly, watch for any signs of infestation or disease, and treat these issues as quickly as possible for maximum plant health.

Pink petals of a Bonica rose up close

How to prune Bonica roses

First, remove any dead or dried canes and leaves from the base of the plant. Next, prune each stem to remove excess wood, leaving 6 to 12 buds in each cane. If stems are particularly long, then shorten them by one third or halfway down their length. Once the plants have been pruned, mulch the soil at their base to help retain moisture. Finally, water your roses after pruning in to give them a good boost of hydration following this intensive process. With regular pruning and timely watering, you will be well on your way to having a lush garden filled with healthy Bonica rose bushes!

Pale pink Bonica roses

Bonica roses and disease resistance

Bonica roses are quite resistant to most common diseases that affect roses, including black spot and powdery mildew. As a result, these roses require little to no chemical application, which makes garden maintenance easier and cheaper. These advantages make the Bonica rose one of the best and most popular types for gardeners today!

Collection of pink and white Bonica roses

Frequently asked questions

How big do standard Bonica roses grow?

Bonica roses are a popular garden roses known for their small size and light fragrance. The majority of standard-size Bonica roses will reach less than a metre high, making them an ideal choice for smaller gardens or border hedges. They can be pruned to control their size, although excessive pruning is not recommended as it could drastically reduce the plant's flowering potential. The bush can produce an abundance of five-centimetre, semi-double pink flowers every spring if given adequate space and sunlight.

Are Bonica roses also floribunda roses?

The Bonica rose is a popular and prolific garden rose with hybridised parentage. It belongs to the floribunda family, meaning it is an improved version of the hybrid tea rose. Floribundas are characterised by their clusters of flowers with several blooms on each stem that can last for several weeks in ideal conditions, making them a great choice for gardeners and floral arrangers alike. 

What soil type is best for Bonica roses?

Bonica roses grow best in well-draining soil rich in organic matter, such as a combination of garden loam and compost. Adding sand to the mixture will help further improve drainage. The pH of the soil should be slightly acidic, between 6 and 7, as roses don't do well in soils with higher alkalinity. To maintain soil nutrients, roses benefit from fertiliser applications once or twice during the growing season—follow the manufacturer's instructions for application rates and timing. A layer of mulch around these roses provides enhanced moisture retention and improved weed control.

Are Bonica roses suitable for a Melbourne climate?

Bonica roses are an ideal choice for gardeners in Melbourne, as they are well-equipped to withstand the climates of cooler regions. They are bred to be disease-resistant and have proven highly successful throughout colder and wetter weather conditions. This hardy variety of roses grows best between early spring and late fall, with beautiful blooms usually appearing from October to April. If you love to grow roses, the Bonica rose bush is the perfect choice.

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