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Angel Face Roses Melbourne

These floribunda roses are truly angelic

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Tips for growing Angel Face roses in Melbourne

Care tips for planting Angel Face roses

Growing an Angel Face rose bush is a rewarding experience, as the beautiful blooms are sure to bring life to any garden. It should be planted in an area that will receive full sun for at least six hours a day and soil that remains slightly moist but not soggy. With adequate sunlight and nurturing care, these roses will stay healthy for many years of amazing beauty.

Angel Face rose with water droplets on the petals

How to prune Angel Face roses

Start by removing any dead, diseased or weak stems with clean, sharp pruning shears. You should then reduce the overall size of your rose bush by removing up to one third of its total height. Next, shorten each of the individual canes by five to ten centimetres and cut out any branches that are growing inward toward the center of the plant. Finally, remove any remaining buds and dead leaves at the base of each cane and dispose of them. Following these steps ensures that you have beautiful angel face roses all season long!

Long-stemmed Angel Roses in a garden

The best soil for Angel Face roses

The best soil for Angel Face roses is loose, well-draining soil with a pH of 6.5 - 7.5. Angel Face roses thrive in soils that have a loamy texture and allow water to pass through freely while still providing good drainage. Adding compost or aged manure to the drained soil will help reduce its acidity when needed. To encourage healthy growth, it's also important to regularly feed your Angel Face roses with a balanced fertiliser every few months. 

Angel Face mauve double floribunda roses

Frequently asked questions

How did Angel Face roses get their name?

Angel Face roses are a popular variety of hybrid tea rose known for their unique flower shape and unique scent. The name comes from the French nurseryman Jean-Claude Evrard, who started growing them in the 1950s. Evrard was said to be struck by the beauty of this peculiarly formed flower, comparing them to Angel Face in their divine elegance and perfect soft petals.

When do Angel Face roses bloom?

These large globe-shaped roses usually bloom between November and March, with flowering sometimes extending into April. To ensure optimal blooms during these months, make sure to plant Angel Face roses from late winter to early spring. Keep your soil relatively moist, as too much water will hinder flowering. In addition, fertilise your roses about every four weeks for strong growth and multiple blooms.

Are Angel Face roses good as bare root roses?

Bare root roses are often seen as the best choice for gardeners looking to purchase quality rose bushes that will thrive in whatever climate they’re planted in. Angel Face roses, due to their breathtaking beauty and floral fragrance, have become a popular choice amongst gardeners. Fortunately, they are also available in a bare root variety which ensures their delicate roots remain well-protected throughout transit and planting. 

Where to buy Angel Face roses for growing?

All Green nursery is the perfect place to purchase Angel Face roses for growing this season. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to provide expert advice on the best variety of rose bushes for your specific climate and soil conditions, as well as tips on general care and maintenance of roses. We offer a wide selection of varieties, sizes, and colors suited to meet any gardener's needs. 

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