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​Native plants for your landscaping project

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​Native plants for your landscaping project
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August 12, 2019
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Our pick of Australian native plants to take home this season

Australian native plants for autumn

The garden is your connection with the world around you. It dissolves the threshold between the designed and the grown. There is no better way to enjoy a tangible relationship with nature than making your backyard part of the Australian landscape.

If your outdoor areas need a refresh, consider adding native plants to your landscaping project. They are perfectly suited to our local climate, having had millions of years to learn tolerance and survival. As curated highlights of the Australian bush environment, they are also aesthetically pleasing.

All Green Nursery and Garden is your go-to native plants wholesaler and retailer. With hundreds of varieties of native plants for sale in our nursery, we can turn your garden from a patch of grass into a heaven of homegrown horticulture. Want advice on our glorious native products? Don't hesitate to contact us to find out more.

Kings Park Special - Callistemon

Kings Park Special Callistemon

A truly regal shrub, this stunning bottlebrush is the firebrand of native plants. Its vibrant red flowers give a spectacular show of colour in spring and summer. Its also frost-resistant, forgiving of poor soil and irresistible to native birds looking for nectar.

  • The Kings Park Special gets its name from the famous botanic gardens in Perth.
  • This species does not appear in the wild. It was specially cultivated as a sterile hybrid with no seed heads.
  • An individual plant can reach up to 4.6m in height, making it ideal for privacy screening and hedging.

You can buy the Kings Park Special as a tubestock plant, ready to be planted directly into a garden or a large pot. It will flourish quickly with the use of native fertilisers.

Stampede Flax Lily - Daniella caeruela

Stampede Flax Lily Daniella Caeruela

Common in civil, commercial and residential landscaping designs, these grasses are well suited to any project. Their bright green tufts are useful as punctuation for beds of pebbles, stones or other materials.

  • As with many native grasses, Stampede is tolerant to dry conditions and frost.
  • Their widespread mat of roots is fantastic for weed prevention and ground stabilisation.
  • Stampede Flax Lily grows up to 45cm tall and 50cm wide, making it great for thick ground cover.

Stampedes should be planted between 30 and 50cm apart. This plant will tolerate moderate sunlight, and will perform well when fed with a Native Fertiliser.

Grevillea Fireworks - Grevillea alpina

Grevillia Fireworks Grevillea alpina

Perfect as a low growing, informal hedge, this beautiful species of Grevillea is resistant to frost and drought. If you're seeking a tough shrub that is both long lasting and easy on the eyes, look no further.

  • Fireworks is a controlled hybrid developed by the Bywong Nursery in Southern NSW.
  • Despite the name, Fireworks is not limited to alpine environments. It is common in Victorian forests and woodlands.
  • Flowering from autumn to spring, its bright yellow and red flowers are attractive to honey eaters.

Fireworks loves sun, water and All Purpose Fertiliser. Annual mulching will also go a long way to making the shrub reach its full potential. Be sure to lightly prune your Fireworks every few months.

Creeping Boobialla - Myoporum parvifolium

Creeping Boobialla Myoporum Parvifolium

Endemic to southern Australia, this fantastic ground cover is heat and frost resistant - a true all rounder for the flat ground and sloping embankments of your outdoor areas.

  • Peak flowering times are between winter and summer, producing white flowers with purple spots.
  • It performs the dual function of being a living mulch and wildlife attractor.
  • Creeping boobialla can even function as lawn coverage in low traffic gardens.

Creeping boobialla prefers a sunny and well-drained setting, but is very hardy, even growing in salty soils. It is also tolerant to drought, fire, lime and frost. Just plant and watch it flourish. Seasol will promote strong root growth and general plant health.

Bangalow Palm - Archontophoenix cunninghamiana

Bangalow Palm Archontophoenix cunninghamiana

Hailing from the north coast of New South Wales, this hardy palm tree brings a subtropical flavour to any Victorian garden. If you pine for the sun in the colder months, this fantastic tree will do wonders to remind you of balmy summer nights.

  • Bangalow palms are thirsty things. Their roots will actively seek out water supplies, so be sure to keep them well watered in the dryer seasons.
  • They do not provide a suitable habitat for rodents to nest, making them a great urban tree.
  • However, their bright red fruits are attractive to birds, meaning that your garden will be full of life.

Bangalow palms require palm-specific fertiliser, and can be grown in the ground or in a pot. As an adaptable plant, it can grow in any type of soil, but responds well to soil rich in organic matter. It's very fast growing but does not handle frost well, so speak to a garden expert about how best to care for them during winter.

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